Green Technology and Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency has several layers of value. The first one is that using our energy more wisely through green technology, and alternative energy is less of a draw on natural resources and on the planet on which we live. But, another aspect that has always been important has been spending less on energy to leave room in our budgets for other things.

To address all of this is writer and energy efficiency enthusiast John Tenuto.


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In this day and age, everyone is looking for the “greenest” and most energy efficient way to save money, as well as save the environment. Who knew the two could double up to save the things we most love on this planet, as well as save the couple of bucks you have left in your wallet.

With our society constantly growing and changing with newly founded technology, it only makes sense to use this to our benefits. Not only can we use technology to our advantage to saving money and our planet, but we can also use simple steps that many haven’t thought of to protecting the money in their wallet.

Get the App

Everyone has a smart phone nowadays, so why not download that app to help you out? There is an awesome new thermostat taking storm called “The Nest” that actually sets and programs itself to your daily routine. By installing The Nest into your home, you can also download the app to your phone, and adjust the temperature while you’re away. The cool thing about this thermostat is that it’s got a symbol of a leaf displayed whenever you’re saving money, and saving energy.

Window Film

By installing window tinting into your home, you’re not only helping UV rays from entering your house, but you’re also cutting the cost of having to use your thermostat at all. Window film can be easily installed, and looks great in your home. Not only does it cut the cost in your home, but it helps protect your furniture, pictures, and any other valuables from fading. Window film will still allow natural light into your home; it’ll just stop any unnecessary amounts of light in, keeping your house cool.

Smart Appliances

Sure, no one likes to buy new appliances; but think about the money you’ll be saving in the long run, as well as protecting the environment from unnecessary pollutions. By installing energy efficient washer and dryers, like LG’s, it’ll use less water and will take less time to dry. These appliances will use its time efficiently, as well as save you the big bucks on using its energy.

Power Adapters

There are new adapters that act as a “green power cord” that will help not overpower energy in any devices you may use. It shuts off when the demand has been met, and doesn’t take up any more energy than need be.

Home-Automation Lighting

We all know how the LED light bulb is a great way to save the energy in your home; but you can now go a step further by installing light switches in your home that adjusts to times you are away. By installing these switches, you can set a time for your lights to go off (say, while you’re on vacation) or dimming the lights. Not only does this save you energy, but it saves your wallet from spending any extra cash.

These are only a couple of instances with saving money and energy in your home—but they are all effective. Saving the environment and money is the new thing to do; and is super easy. Why not get on the train?

Thanks, John!

John Tenuto wrote this article on behalf of Gila Films, who specialize in energy efficiency through the use of window film.




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