Gulf Coast Developers To Build Green Community, Re-Define Area

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A new community named Element – A Green Community in Gulfport MS is to be an intentionally eco-friendly to implement sustainable land development practices according to local industry and climate.  The development is also designed to benefit mixed income residents.

The Gulf Coast region

The approach behind the development is a combination of affordability, green, and weather-sensitivity that re-defines residential planning in an area known for  the mixed-income families who live under the threat of extreme weather conditions.

The development has sprung out of a gathering of information based on direct community concern, the central concern of which is the rebuilding and redefinition of the Gulf Coast region, post-Hurricane Katrina.  Maintaining a cultural ‘look and feel’ of the properties themselves is another mandate, along with an agenda of making sure that each unit is affordable in the long term for residents.

Kerry W. Kirby is the President of  Intradel Corporation, based in New Orleans.  The company is responsible for the development of the Element community.

“After listening to the concerns of the community, Element is embarking upon a mission to assist in rebuilding the Gulf Coast in a smart and eco-friendly way. These homes stand as a model of what can be accomplished though careful planning and design as a solution for dealing with the high costs of insurance, energy and housing, while maintaining a Gulf Coast community look and feel, without compromising on finishing standards.”

Some of the features of the development include  steel frame technology that carries a 140 mph wind load rating.  The additional benefits of this technology of high levels of termite, fire and mold resistance.  In this, the development is equipped for local climate, and costs less in the long-run to insure.  Energy star appliances, low VOC paint, and reclaimed building materials which have become a part of the development play a part in lowering costs, and in lining up the development for NAHB green certification.

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