Hall Closet Storage, Or How To Stop Losing Your Stuff

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Losing mittens, hats or scarves in your hall closet? Check these organization tips for a clean closet.


disorganized closetI’m not a naturally organized person. I have a more chaotic approach to life: I just put things where they seem to fit, or where it’s least annoying to put them. For example, coats: we have a closet, but I tend to drop my coat on the couch because 1. it’s closer to the entrance than the closet, and 2. because it’s easier to pick it up when I head back out.

This natural cluttering of mine can quickly become out of control–half of my wardrobe can make it on the couch, sometimes, and then I look for it in my office and can’t find it.

Which may lead to losing my stuff–at least temporarily.

Honestly trying

I’ve had lost pens in kitchen drawers, lost socks under the couch, lost knitting gear in carry-on bags.

I know, I know: one way to avoid losing stuff is to be better organized. Which I’m really, honestly trying to do! I’m just not really good at it. Old habits die hard.

But the first thing I do want to tackle is the hall closet. With so many different items to keep (shoes, boots, coats, scarves, hats, gloves, bike helmets and other sundry things), it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just start piling stuff up in no particular order.

Which is where good hall closet organization comes to the rescue. Let’s have a look at how to organize different items in your closet.

Organizing shoes

Here’s an interesting tidbit about my life: I’m not the shoe-obsessed person in my relationship. The honor belongs to my partner, who literally collects Chucks. There is a rainbow of Chucks in my hall closet, from black and brown to pink and lime green. This also includes prints like Batman and Doctor Who.

And how do we keep about 60 pairs of Chucks organized? With those 3-level shoe shelves you can find at any discount superstore.

You should have seen the closet floor before we got the shelves. A crazy mess. Now, it’s all neat and easy to find the pair my partner is looking for.

Other shoe organizing ideas include boxes in cubes, shoe bags and shoe drawers. Boxes in cubes are especially helpful if you have kids. Write the name of the shoes’ owners on the box, along with the type of shoe, and voilà! No more throwing random shoes around the closet looking for the left foot.

Organizing coats

Coats are usually what take the most space in a hall closet. They’re bulky and heavy and often hang unused for months at a time.

I like to keep hooks at the back of the closet door for coats that I use regularly. It’s easy to hang and pick up a coat on a hook rather than a hanger. It also saves space in the closet!

If you never know which coat is whose, try using a different hanger color for every member of the family. That way, it’ll be easy to identify at first sight which section of the closet your coat is in, instead of looking through the entire space.

Organizing scarves

I have way more scarves and shawls than I can wear, but they are all neatly organized in my hall closet. I have one of those Ikea scarf hangers, which I use to keep all my finished knitting in the same place.

Scarves not kept neatly can quickly become an unwieldy mess. I’d tried a box before, but I would always have to dig to find the accessory I wanted. When I found the scarf hanger, I couldn’t resist.

But you don’t have to go to Ikea to manage your scarves. A clever DIYer could easily come to a similar result, and you can use other organizing solutions like plastic pouches or such to keep your scarves separate and easy to pick.

Organizing mittens, hats and other items

Here’s where closets can get messy: hats, mittens and other sundry items thrown all over the top shelf. (At least that’s what mine looks like right now.)

For these, use the magic of boxes and baskets. Give one to each member of your family and label it. That way, you won’t have to look for your son’s right mitten all over the closet just when the school bus is coming up the street.

Your closet organization tips?

These are only a few tips and ideas I’ve learned about closet organization. Any other tricks and organization ideas you would like to share with our community?

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