Hallway Decor: Narrow Escape From Boredom


Hallways don’t have to be functional and boring. Try some of these clever ideas for interesting corridors.


Poor, neglected hallways. Their only role is to take us from one room to the other. They’re often long and narrow and don’t leave space for much.

But that’s not considering the creative genius of designers and home decor enthusiasts, who always find ways to beautify any space, from the smallest to the biggest. Hallways can be a particular challenge, given their dimensions, but they can also give way to some of the most original and practical decor ideas and solutions in your home.

Let’s have a look at a few basic frameworks for decorating your hallway.


One of the great things you can do with hallways is hang your favourite art, a little like a gallery.

Contemporary Hall by Laguna Hills Interior Designers & Decorators Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

This gives you plenty of space to put art where people will mostly likely look at it. Whether it’s your own art or just pieces you love, they’ll certainly attract attention in the hallway, where nothing else distracts the eye.

Transitional Hall by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Von Fitz Design

I love the asymmetrical, random positioning of the art here. Also, the horizontal stripe rug balances the length of the hallway, making it seem wider than it really is.


Fine, fine, anytime there’s a good space to put books, I’ll talk about it. Because you never have enough books–but you can definitely run out of space to put them away.

Beach Style Hall by Portland Architects & Building Designers Whitten Architects

I love the light in this hallway. Lots of books, especially stacked that high, can make a space seem stuffy, but the white shelves and light flooring help out. The rug gives a nice touch of warmth and sophistication.

Beach Style Hall by Philadelphia Architects & Building Designers Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors LLC

If your hallway is a little too narrow to add actual bookshelves, consider recessed shelves along the wall. It keeps the hallway clean, but still gives you space too put your books and knick-knacks away.


Hallways tend to be dark because few of them actually have windows. Most the hallway light usually comes from open doors to other rooms. The right kind of lighting can turn a dark and boring corridor into a visually interesting and bright hallway.

Modern Hall by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers John Maniscalco Architecture

The round lanterns provide extra (and needed) lighting, and balance the square angles with their circular shape. I love the repetition detail; where one light fixture can be just okay, many can make a stunning effect.

Mediterranean Hall by Austin Architects & Building Designers Vanguard Studio Inc.

Here’s the same idea in a different style. The candelabra-style light fixtures add a definite flair of authenticity to this Mediterranean-inspired home. I love the multiple shadows and reflections of the light fixtures on the ceiling!


Is your hallway covered in white paint? Boring. Try giving it a little pep with some patterned wallpaper or veneer.

Contemporary Hall by Portland Architects & Building Designers Giulietti Schouten Architects

Walk into a birch forest every time you step out of your room with this beautiful wallpaper. All that’s missing is a speaker playing round-the-clock forest sounds.

Traditional Hall by Johns Island Design-Build Firms Solaris Inc.

Even this subtle pinstripe pattern takes this otherwise ordinary hallway to the next level. I love how it switches to horizontal stripes on the ceiling to lengthen the space even further.

Other ideas

There are plenty more things you can do to decorate your hallway, like this great idea for kids:

Eclectic Hall by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Branca, Inc.

Blackboards and pinboards are great to display your kids’ creativity and to keep family activities and chores organized.

Beach Style Hall by Mount Pleasant Architects & Building Designers The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design

Tuck a bench under a window for a cute reading or chatting nook. It’s definitely a great space for pets, too!

Contemporary Hall by Dallas Media & Bloggers Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Use unexpected and contrasting colors with interesting textures for a dramatic effect.

Hallway your way

Have you gone through a hallway beautifying project? How did you make this usually ordinary space into a stunning one? Share your projects with us in the comments!

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