Hallways and Holidays: Prepping Your Hallway for Guests

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It’s crunch time, everyone! Guests converging on your home is a big part of your enjoyment of the Holidays. This is where good memories start.

But, how do you prepare your space and strategize around issues of dirt and excessive moisture from winter boots and clothes, specifically the site of where you’ll greet friends and family – your hallway or entranceway?

Stephanie Staszko is here to touch on the finer points of preparing your hallways and entranceways for the Holidays.


As we welcome guests into our homes for festive frivolities we start to panic about whether we’ve done enough preparation for their arrival. Is the bathroom clean enough? Will guests ruin my carpet with their shoes? Various worries start to run through your mind and by the time they actually arrive you’re a paranoid wreck.

The truth is, sometimes we don’t feel entirely at ease with having other people in our homes and can feel under an immense amount of pressure as the days whittle down to the guests’ arrival. Yet every Christmas we anxiously await our invited guests’ arrival and when the night’s over think “that wasn’t actually too bad! I had so much fun I’ll do it again next year”.

So here you are again, a year later and nervous as ever at the fact that you’ve invited people to your home again. This year will be different however, because now you have the ability to prepare properly and where better to start than the place your guests will first see when they enter your home – the hallway.

Hallway closets and winter clothing storage

When guests arrive in their winter attire you’ll be inundated with winter coats, thick scarves and hats that resemble tea cosies. As they pass through the door you’ll be handed these various items of clothing and be expected to find somewhere to store them all.

If you have a closet in your hallway then this is the perfect place – both out of sight and organised on coat hangers. If you’re expecting a large number of guests however, you may need to clear out the closet in advance of any old coats you don’t wear anymore and store them in a wardrobe upstairs. Alternatively, you could donate them to a thrift store – Christmas is a time for giving!

photo: Trix and Friends

If you aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with adequate closet space then you could invest in a coat tree for the hallway so your guests can hang their coats, hats and scarves on it. There are so many different styles available you can find one that enhances the décor of your hallway as well as acting as a convenient storage option.

Muddy feet and floor mats

One of the most likely worries on your mind this Christmas is the thought of guests trudging mud and snow into your luscious carpet. Children in particular seem to shy away from the thought of wiping their feet and taking their shoes off and before you realise it, your floors start to resemble a football field. This issue needs precise planning to avoid hating your guests for ruining your carpet.

Always have large mats at your front door, both inside and out, so that your guests simply can’t miss placing their foot on them. This should subconsciously encourage them to wipe their feet, or at best step on both of the mats to remove some of the underfoot muck. For a funky finishing touch you could purchase a doormat which says “please remove your shoes”, that should help to get the message across!

Soaking umbrellas and other wet items

If the weather outside is wet then be prepared for guests to flock in with hordes of sodden umbrellas. This can pose more of a threat for your interior design than muddy shoes, as guests shake their raindrops all over your walls and floor. To avoid this situation have an umbrella stand at the ready and snatch guests’ umbrellas off them at the door before they have the chance to wreak havoc.

Being prepared for your guests’ arrival can help to make the post-Christmas clean up job a whole lot easier. If any of your guests do ruin some aspect of your beautiful home just be sure to persuade them to host a Christmas party the following year, don your muddiest rainboats or winter boots, bring your thickest jacket and shake your umbrella in their hallway.

Revenge is sweet.


Thanks, Stephanie!

Stephanie Staszko writes for Bathshop321 bathroom suites. She would like to wish all BuildDirect blog readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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