Hand Scraped Hardwood

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Hand scraped hardwood is the most dominant trend in wood flooring in recent years. So what exactly is it? Well, it’s just as it sounds. There are different styles of hand scrap but essentially long grooves are scraped, or sculpted into the wood. The grooves are not spread out generally but rather closely aligned, running parallel to one another. A traditional hand scrap tends to be rougher and wilder. However, there are more subtle versions where it is more of a gentle rolling between grooves.

Though generically referred to as hand scraped floors, many are actually machine scraped. A general criticism of machine scraps is that they look less authentic than a floor that was truly scraped by hand. This may be true, but machine scraped is certainly more affordable. Though usually found in more traditional species to the North American market, we’re beginning to see hand scraped exotics as well. This example below is a very subtle hand sculpted Brazilian Cherry, hardly noticeable really:

Here’s a great room scene of a dark hand scraped floor:


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