Handmade Wreaths For A Welcoming Atmosphere

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autumn wreath making

Expressing the beauty of fall in wreath presents opportunities for being creative with your home decor. Here are a few pointers on how to get started.


Family and friends are gathering at your house for a big get together. Help make everyone feel welcome with a beautiful handmade wreath on your front door.

Traditional fall leaf wreath

Fall leaf wreaths are the quintessential decoration for your front door and they’re very simple to make. First, choose the base you would like to use for your wreath. You can use thick foam board in the traditional shape of a circle or go for a unique shape like a rectangle.


Autumn wreath

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Then, hot glue fake leaves on your wreath base in any pattern you desire. Once you have the leaves glued on, you can simply use a wreath hanger to display it on your door.

Perfect acorn wreath

If you have an overabundance of acorns in your yard, you can use them to create a lovely acorn wreath. First, gather up plenty of acorns and rinse them off with water. Then, bake them at 350 degrees for 15 minutes to make sure they’re free of pests. Use a straw wreath for the base and apply dabs of hot glue to adhere the acorns to the straw.

Once you have the entire wreath covered in acorns, you can choose to leave it in its natural state or spray paint it your favorite color. Loop a ribbon around the wreath and you’re ready to hang up your creation. During the winter holidays, you can also make the same type of wreath using pinecones instead of acorns.

Personalized leaf Wreath

Add a personalized touch to your front door by creating a wreath using the initial of your last name. Simply start with an initial made from either wood or foam and fake fall leaves. Cover your initial with spray adhesive then wrap the fake leaves around the letter. You can use the letter as a decoration by itself or attach it to the middle of a beautiful fall wreath for a great way to celebrate your family.

Consider the color of your door

In Colonial America, a red door was a welcome symbol for weary travelers because it showed them a place where they could rest for the night. When you’re decorating your front door to welcome your tired travelers, keep in mind that the same lush, green pine wreath that looks beautiful on a red or white door will get lost on a black door. Similarly, a burgundy bow can clash on a brown or red door, so you should go with a classic white bow instead.

Don’t forget decorating indoors

Not only are wreaths ideal for decorating your front door, but they’re also great for indoor decorations as well. Hang a few wreaths in front of windows for holiday cheer you can enjoy both inside and outside. Or, hang them in front of mirrors for a classic look.

As you get ready to greet your guests and enjoy their company, create a few of these homemade wreaths to make everyone feel right at home.







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