Hang Out with Your Own Hanging Bed

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For some folks, the idea of “hanging out” takes on a whole new definition. A hanging bed might be a little crazy for most people, but it’s an amazing chill-space idea for spare rooms, kid’s rooms, outdoors, rec rooms, and sunrooms. Heck, anywhere you might want to “hang out”!

If you’ve always thought about having a hanging bed, we unleashed our hounds on the world wide web found groovy DIY plans for a chillaxin’ hangout space and ideas on how to incorporate it, and where.

Ana White’s simple plan: the basic bed

The Queen of DIY made this simple hanging bed that’s perfect for anywhere from a reading room to a teen’s bedroom or even outside.

Go ahead, scour the internet for a million more hanging plans, but it ultimately all comes back to the same sort of blueprint. From platforms to mattress boxes, they’re all essentially the same idea.

Here are some notions on how to change these basic plans up to suit yourself.

1. Use funky wood.

Whether you opt for mismatched timber, shipping pallets, reclaimed wood, or even driftwood, there are a whole world of ways to make your basic hanging bed look more rustic, more industrial, or whatever it is you’re after.

In fact, if you wanted to just make a bed from hanging pallets, this project looks even easier than Ana White’s plan, and I think it looks beautiful for a backyard or industrial loft space. Imagine if it’d been whitewashed! Make sure you’re using untreated pallets and keep an eye out for pallets designed for heavy-duty, made from oak and other hardwoods.

2. Use funky hardware.

Get creative when you’re looking for hooks and bolts, reinforcements, or anything you need. Aluminum and steel aren’t the only options out there. What about hammered metal? Copper? Cast iron? What about rusted retro pieces or oxidized metal? How about getting vintage hardware? Or visiting a marine shop to get seaworthy steel ties for heavy rope?

3. Use funky suspension

There are all kinds of hooks, rods, chains, wire cable, and ropes that are suited to hanging beds. By no means is chain link or rope your only solution. Some very creative combinations of industrial hooks and rods make for really cool suspension that will work anywhere from Cape Cod homes through to Manhattan’s high-stake loft spaces. Look around for ideas that will work for you, and if all that fails, turn to interesting hardware and suspension providers online, but ensure they’ll be able to hold up to 500 pounds.

4. Have fun

When it comes to bedding, from linens to the mattress, just keep in mind that you might not want an outdoor bed where you need to worry about bringing everything in if rain threatens to come. Think marine vinyl for those instances. If it’s indoors, you just want something comfortable. Either way, you’ll need comfy pillows, a nice blanket for when the mood strikes, and if there’s no table nearby, it might be wise to leave a little of the bed’s platform edging beyond the mattress. A good 6” all around should be enough for setting down a book or a tall, cool beverage.

Just do it

Hanging beds are about as hardcore you can get about relaxation. Nothing says how you value a mellow afternoon of chilling quite like making a hanging bed a prominent feature on your deck, in your yard, or even in the house.

Maybe it’s time you considered adding a little suspended chill-time in your life.

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