Happy Chanukah From BuildDirect

Happy Chanukah!

For those who don’t know the nature of the holiday, Chanukah (or ‘Hanukkah’, meaning ‘dedicate’) is the Jewish Festival of Lights, as symbolized by the menorah. Eight nights long, each night is represented by a candle on the menorah, not including the ninth ‘helper’ candle that lights the others.

Here’s the story. The Hebrew temple was restored and rededicated after a period of rule under the religiously-repressive Syrian empire in 165 B.C.E.  There was only enough oil to keep the eternal flame of the temple burning for one day. Miraculously, it lasted for eight.

Hence, the eight days of the holiday, this year stretching from today at sunset until sunset on December 28. Chanukah will be celebrated by people all around the world, with a candle on the menorah lit each day.

Here’s Adam Sandler and friends to give us a big Chanukah send off, and to tell us who’s Jewish, too. Have a great Chanukah, everyone! So much, Funnakah!




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