Happy Easter Weekend 2014

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As we’ve talked about quite a lot so far since spring began, it’s the season of renewal. From spring cleaning, to helping your outdoor living spaces come back to life after a long winter, to the flowers and other plants in your garden bursting forth through the soil, life never seems more, well, alive than it does in spring.

old stump new shoot

That’s why we love spring so much. Because it feels like the world is waking up renewed, as if it’s a whole new world.

Peace, contemplation, and gratitude this Easter weekend

As our Western culture would have it, it’s also the Easter season, with an important message of renewal, new beginnings, and new life to be found for many during an important holiday on the Christian calendar. If you’re celebrating those ideas this weekend, then we wish you a time of peace, contemplation, and gratitude.

Bringing it to life

And even if you aren’t celebrating Easter in an overtly spiritual sort of way, maybe you’re planning to dedicate the long weekend to those efforts in bringing your home to life; a new garden, a new coat of paint, a new piece of furniture. In this, we hope that we can continue to inspire you here on the BuildDirect Blog, on this Easter weekend and for the rest of the year as well.

Whatever your relationship to the Easter season, we at BuildDirect wish you a great one!



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