Happy Independence Day, July 4 2014 From BuildDirect!

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Here on the BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home, we’re all about independence – your independence.

Specifically, we’ve tried to illustrate how you can assert your independence at home. This means arranging rooms that make sense to you, and not just because convention dictates how it should be arranged. Colors, textures, combinations, styles, materials, furniture, accessories, and other basic elements in interior design and home improvement only work for you because you say they do, suited with the way you want your home to look, and to function.

Where better place to be independent of outdated, nonsensical rules than in your own home?

Thank you for your ideas!

We’ve also let you in on some tips on how to take care of those jobs around the house, big or small, that you really can take care of yourself. And we’ve also talked a lot about how homes, communities, cities, and countries can gain a certain independence through things like energy efficiency, a better use of resources, new technologies, and through better ways to think about the places we live which can be even more comfortable, functional, attractive, and sustainable for the present and the future.

And you, dear readers, have helped us by adding your voices to the comments sections of posts, and sharing your own ideas. Thank you! There will be more to come from us. And we look forward to hearing what you have to say as well.

But, today is Independence Day! And from all of us at BuildDirect, we hope you have a great one!




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