Happy July 4th, 2012: American Flag Home Decor

Celebrating shared history is an important way for a people to draw together, and feel like a community. In much the same way, many people have taken the symbol of their country and cultural identity – the American flag – and made it a focal point to drawing spaces together.

In celebration of American Independence Day, here’s a selection of American flag home decor motifs that some have embraced in their spaces.


Red, white, and blue curtains

When the bombs (well, fireworks) are bursting in air, pull these back and watch the magic.

Source: hausandhome.blogspot.com via Kendra on Pinterest

 The Old Glory wall hanging

In this rustic space, the revolutionary American spirit is captured, simply.

Source: nestegg.typepad.com via ≪≫≪ L I A N N A on Pinterest

American flag as window dressing

Subtle addition of the patriotic is a great option for July 4th celebrations. Sometimes, subtlety speaks louder, matched against the red (flowers) white (window frame), and blue (glass jar).

Source: gumbo-lily.blogspot.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

American flag garden accessories

You won’t find them in nature, but an American flag butterfly garden accessory is a great option for showing your colors on the Fourth of July.

Source: home-coupons.blogspot.com via D.j. on Pinterest

 American decor collage!

The red, white, and blue comes in many forms! Here are a few!

Source: bhg.com via Stella on Pinterest

Red, white, and blue deck furniture (AKA the shameless plug)

And because we have no shame, here’s a selection of Adirondack chairs in patriotic colors. It’s a not-so-subtle addition to this list, just because, well, we actually sell ’em. Yet, this selection of chairs can make for a subtle patriotic addition to your outdoor living space.


So, wherever you’re spending Independence Day, and whatever your surroundings, we at BuildDirect wish you a great one!

To further push the boundaries of what you can accomplish home decor-wise this July, BuildDirect has just launched an Independence Day tile sale, featuring porcelain tile, marble tile, and travertine tile all on sale until July 13.


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