Happy Pets At Home: An Infographic

Pets are a part of our lives and a part of our homes. How do we best make room for them in our spaces, and keep everyone happy? Here’s an infographic!


As a sort of follow up to Shannon Dauphin Lee’s recent piece about her cat Sunny, here’s an infographic that fills you in about the important area of pet comfort in your home. After all, as Shannon mentions in that earlier piece, your pets are family. Their comfort is vital.

To follow up that idea, here’s another resource that’s all about that very same idea as published by Vivid Doors in the United Kingdom. Along with some pretty great advice on how to make sure our four-legged, two-winged, or fin-tailed family members are happy at home, they’ve quoted Shannon on yet another piece she wrote a while back, that time about her other cat Allie.

Take a look!


Your pets and your ideas

How have you made your space more comfortable for your furry (or feathery, or scaly, etc) pal?

What areas of your home have been claimed by your pets?

What were some of your biggest challenges in making your home more pet-friendly?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post!



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