Happy World Green Building Day!

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It seems to me that when civilization is on the cusp of a new era, one of the things that hurries it along is International cooperation.  And a big part of that is not just about governments and nations coming together to talk about common legislation.  It’s also about inviting citizens to take part in the process, through dialogue and through education, too.

The movement toward globalizing green building practices seems to be moving closer and closer into the public eye with the first annual World Green Building Day.  The day  is observed as a series of events around  the world for the promotion of green building practices, involving various green building councils in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Asia, and Western Europe.

Earth image courtesy of Aussiegall.  Click image to view Flickr stream.

Earth image courtesy of Aussiegall. Click image to view Flickr stream.

A major thrust of these events is about education of the public on sustainability issues.  Some of the events associated with World Green Building Day are:

  • educational tours of certified buildings (Austria)
  • training courses for building professionals and volunteers (Taiwan)
  • formal conference hosted at  British House of Commons ( UK)
  • green building on agenda at Congressional Advocacy Day (US)
  • promotion of the founding of new national Green Building Councils in countries that don’t have chapters

And to give you some perspective, here’s a quote from the World Green Building Day MarketWire Press release that outlines why an international alliance to address sustainability is needed:

The building sector is responsible for more than one third of total energy use and, in most countries, is the largest greenhouse gas emissions source,” said Tony Arnel, Chair, World Green Building Council. “This makes buildings the greatest and most cost-effective opportunity for tackling climate change, especially when technologies exist that can reduce a building’s energy consumption by 30-50 per cent. World Green Building Day is a call to action to ensure green buildings are an international priority, a part of the climate change solution and are in the forefront of decision makers’ minds when the world gathers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference this December.”

Winning the hearts and minds of both the decision makers as well as citizens of industrial countries all around the world seems to make sense if green building is to become the standard by which all construction is measured in this century and beyond.

To learn more about World Green Building Day, sustainability, and international efforts to promote green building standards and practices,  check out the World Green Building Council website.



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