Hardwood Decking: Solid Hardwood Outside

At length on this blog and elsewhere, we’ve talked about the fact that wood flooring, or wood surfacing in general, is both trendy and timeless at the same time. It seems like a contradiction in terms on paper, or even here on screen. Yet, in real life, it proves itself to be true.

Another aspect we’ve talked at length is the idea of creating continuity from space to space to create stylistic cohesion when it comes to interior design approaches. This is most strikingly demonstrated when we’re talking about an indoor space that is connected to an outdoor space. There are ways and means of achieving this goal of cohesion depending on your budget, of course.

When you’ve got solid hardwood floors in a living room area, looking out onto an outdoor living space, one option to think about is doing the same for a decking space. Cedar decking is a very popular material for us here on the West Coast, and applicable in many other climates besides. A lot of the appeal lies not only in how a cedar deck looks, but also how naturally well-suited it is as a long-lasting building material.

Yet, as popular as a softwood cedar deck is (and rightly so) there are other options to consider which are also weather resistant, UV resistant, and insect resistant, much like cedar is. Further to that, there are many options in a hardwood deck that prove to be even more hearty, dense, and often featuring more consistent and more subtle color spectrums.

Ipe solid hardwood decking from BuildDirect

Recently, we’ve launched a series of exotic hardwood decking on BuildDirect’s Pavillion label that demonstrate all of these aspects. As you can see from the above example, ipe (AKA ‘ironwood’), the color spectrum here is pretty consistent. So, if you are looking for continuity and flow, a more uniform decking surface like this can help you get there.

Solid mahogany hardwood decking from BuildDirect

This is especially true if you’ve got a stained wood flooring surface in the room looking onto a deck like this one. Even if you don’t have ipe flooring inside, a stained white oak leading out onto a deck like this provides continuity, and a hint of subtle variation, too.

To help define your outdoor living space, and to connect it with the rest of your property this summer, here are a selection of new wood decking options to consider.

Happy outdoor living!



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