Hardwood Flooring Discovered Underneath Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

Hey Good People – Rob here.

Hey all you baby-boomers and generation-Xers; remember the glory that was ‘harvest gold’ wall-to-wall carpeting? I certainly do. In the 1960s and 1970s, bare wood flooring kind of went out of style for a bit. The floor covering of choice at that time was wall-to-wall carpeting – enter our ‘harvest gold’ and the even more tasteful orange pile shag carpet too. One of my earliest memories when we lived in an apartment in Port Credit Ontario in the early 70s was crawling across our living room floor, with a rectangle of sunshine beaming across its golden surface. Ah, the hazy memories of childhood and dated interior design.

1970s Golden Harvest Carpet

1970s carpet image courtesy of Pinkmoose.

A lot of carpeting like this was installed over vintage hardwood flooring in order to update the look of interiors in line with the tastes of the time. Today, the discovery of hardwood flooring underneath old carpeting and refurbishing those hardwood floor can boost the look and value of a property.

Given that fashions change and then tend to circle back, let’s keep hoping we’ll never see the return of shag carpet and harvest gold. Some things belong in the past! But sometimes a little bit of interior design archeology when it comes to your floors is worth the effort.

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