Hardwood Flooring For Microsoft Offices in Edinburgh Scotland HQ

Hey, good people – Rob here!

Being in the building materials industry and being interested in the development of the Internet too as we are around here at BuildDirect, it’s nice when the worlds collide. So, here’s an interesting tidbit which is both related to hardwood flooring, and to Bill Gates and Co too.

Hardwood flooring installers Mackay Flooring based in Scotland have won the contract to provide flooring for the new UK Microsoft Offices in the city of Edinburgh (home of the Fringe Festival, for all of you live entertainment buffs out there). Obviously, this is not just a big deal for the use hardwood flooring being applied to the environment of a major technology company – the traditional meets the cutting edge as it were – but, it also means a big economic boost for the region too.

Edinburgh Scotland

Ediburgh image courtesy of JCookfisher.

The hopes that Microsoft’s’ new offices in Scotland, (resplendent in the beauty of hardwood thanks to the guys at Mackay…) will attract more blue-chip business there is running pretty high too.

Here’s a link to the reprinted story on the Mackay Flooring blog.

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