Hardwood flooring installation from down under

Hey Good People – Rob here.

Youtube is a bit of an addiction of mine. I spend a lot of time there on my off-hours, mostly looking for footage of musicians playing live so that I can blather about it on my music geek blog.  But, sometimes I peruse the vast richness of youtube because I’m also interested in the process of installing hardwood flooring, the methods of which tend to differ internationally.

Here’s a video of a hardwood wood flooring installation carried out in New Zealand by local firm Just Hardwood Flooring:

One thing that struck me was that they were installing a hardwood floor on a concrete slab, which I’ve always assumed couldn’t be done.  But when they say this, they just assume that a parquet subfloor installed over a vapor barrier layer (which in this case is an applied resin to the concrete…) is included in the process. From here, they fasten the hardwood flooring boards to the wood subfloor, which is in turn fastened to the concrete slab.

What they also mention in the comments section of this video they’ve posted is that most houses in Australia and New Zealand are built on concrete slabs. So, this method is pretty common practice there. It reminds me that geography plays a huge part when it comes to choosing a type of flooring, and in installing hardwood flooring in a given space.

What do you think, good people? How does your geographical location affect your own projects?

Do tell!



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