Hardwood Flooring Installation Tip: 3M Blue Painter’s Tape

Hi all,

Not too long ago, a customer wrote in to relate a bit of a set back on his hardwood installation. He was floating an engineered floor with a traditional tongue and groove. He was joining each new plank to the last with tape in order to prevent a hydraulic effect whereby the adhesive will separate the tongue and the groove. After installation, he left the tape on the floor for some time while devoting time to other areas of his renovation. When he got around to removing the tape, he discovered that the it left a sticky film behind. He then spent hours on hands and knees removing the gunk. An unfortunate and unnecessary experience.

Not all tapes are the same. 3M has a large selection of quality tapes but each one has its ideal applications. Here is a link to a handy 3M tape chart for your reference. When taping your joints be sure to use 3M Blue Painter’s Tape with the orange core. Moreover, be sure to remove the tape once the adhesive in the joints has cured for the appropriate time. Otherwise, foot traffic will rub the tape into the floor increasing the potential for a mess.



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