Hardwood Flooring Installation Tip: Adhesive Wipe Aways

Hi all,

Glueing down engineered hardwood floors can be sticky business. For the uninitiated, imaging yourself on all fours with a 4-gallon pail of adhesive,

a hand trowel,

and multiple planks of your new prized possession.

image of wood plank

Keep in mind that it’s integral that you keep the surface of your floors clean. Pretty tough to do if, like most of us, you’ve only got the two hands. If you neglect to address any glue spots that find there way onto the surface of your floor you’ll end up with unsightly blemishes on your new pride and joy. The adhesive can be removed (with difficulty) but will most likely leave behind discoloration.

The secret is to be prepared before hand. Before starting your install, be sure to have DriTac Wipe Aways

or a similar product handy. These products are designed to remove wet or uncured adhesive from your wood floors. Be sure to clean as you go. Ultimately, it will make your install easier and the end result more satisfying. Good Luck!



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