Hardwood flooring is a part of your life

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Here’s a great overview of hardwood flooring installation from Tim Carter.  The question asked to prompt the article is a pretty common one; is installing hardwood flooring a good idea, and can I do it myself?

Our guys here get asked that question a lot.  The answer is that, yes, hardwood flooring is as durable as they say, speaking particularly of commonly available domestic species like oak and maple.  And that if you’re a professional installer, hardwood flooring is made to be installed relatively painlessly.

Cats and floors image courtesy of Serge Melki.  Click image to see Flickr photostream.

Cats and floors image courtesy of Serge Melki. Click image to see Flickr photostream.

Carter makes the point that irregularly shaped rooms offer even the experienced installer a challenge.  And our guys here agree.  It’s always best to hire a professional to make sure that your floor will be installed correctly with minimal wastage the first time.  Also, Carter makes a great point about letting your shipment of hardwood acclimate in the space where you’re going to install it.

To me, if you’re looking for a floor that is to become something of a feature to a residence, or even an office, hardwood flooring is the one to beat.  This is where the practicalities of choosing building materials like wood flooring meets the idea of aesthetics and transformation.  With a solid choice in hardwood flooring, a modest space suddenly gains the potential to be a part of history.  That to me is a powerful idea.

It’s this idea which drives me to blog about building materials.  That at some point, the materials themselves become something other once you install them.  They become a part of your life, even if after a while you take the effects they render as a given.  The warmth, the richness of color and of feel that a wood floor can deliver, suddenly becomes a reflection of your own personality – because it characterises your life at home, or at work.


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