Hardwood Flooring Maintenance: Do What Mom Says!

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scolding mom and son

Ah Winter.  In this Pacific Northwest climate, this mostly means a fair bit of rain, although we’ve had some snow lately. here in Vancouver.  In other parts of the world, even when it gets a lot colder, and there’s  more snow, the effect when you’ve got snow on your boots is the same as it is here.

You’ve got water on your flooring.  And when you’ve got hardwood floors this means bad news. Even worse is the presence of salt and grit which is used to clear snow.

Mom’s advice/order

It must be said that hardwood flooring lasts a long time, which is why it is a part of a rich tradition of building and design across the centuries.  This is not a shrinking violet we’re dealing with here.  It’s just that water and constant moisture isn’t good for the health of the flooring.  So, what are the best ways to make sure that a hardwood floor keeps its lustre?

Do what your Mom told you to do.

“Take off your boots in the house.  There, you see that mat in the front hall?  Wipe your feet, young man/young lady!  Better yet, we’ve got a mud room for that!  It’s been tiled with porcelain (impervious to moisture)!  Take off your boots in there.  And if you must walk in the house with your boots on, stay on the runners!  That’s what they’re there for!

And take the dog out for a walk – using the backdoor in the kitchen where we’ve installed even more porcelain tile (with some nice slate listellos for accenting textures!).   And keep him out of the living room.  Or at least clip his claws so he doesn’t scratch the flooring finish.  And before you watch TV, mop up any messes you make – right away, don’t let them sit!

Yes, Mom.



[This post was re-published January, 2016]

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