Hardwood floors that don’t make a squeak!

Hey Good People – Rob here.

The Washington Post is the legendary newspaper which broke the Watergate scandal during Nixon’s administration in the mid-1970s. But, they’ve come a long way since then. Here’s a story they’ve run about how to stop your squeaky hardwood floors from squeaking. From political corruption to increased peace and quiet in your home; is there nothing these guys won’t take on?

The advice given here comes under the category of simple is best. Basically, a squeaky hardwood floor is often due to nails rubbing the wood. Renailing works and so does seeing to flooring joists if you can, but what the article suggests is talcum powder spread on the floor to act as a sort of flooring emollient. Pretty simple – just remember to clean up afterwards to avoid slipping on leftover powder on the surface of the hardwood.



Hardwood Flooring image courtesy of lovecocozombie.

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