Hardwood Sports Floors – A Part of History in Boston Garden

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Hey good people – Rob here.

I stumbled across this online press release from Connor Hardwood Courts about their supply of hardwood parquet sports floors for the Boston Celtics basketball team. The company refurbished the court in 1999, and have proudly declared that the team’s recent victory over the Lakers to receive their 17th national championship was won on one of their floors. Good job, guys!

The original oak hardwood sports floors for the courts in Boston Garden had been installed in 1946. Previously, players played on concrete, before parquet hardwood flooring was installed instead. When the company was asked to refurbish the court, part of the agreement was to incorporate planks from the original flooring from ’46. Re-using the vintage floors was definitely a “green flooring” practice. But, I think the main reason for the request that this be done was that sports fans are famously nostalgic, and appreciate a sense of history. So, Connor scored on both fronts – they pleased the venue owners and sports fans, but they also utilized some green building practices too.

Hardwood sports floors basketball court Boston Garden

Read the full press release about the hardwood sports flooring in Boston Garden here.

So, what’s the sports venue that makes you most nostalgic, good people? How did any renovations to the flooring or any other aspect of the venue in later years meet your satisfaction (or not…) ?

Tell me all about it!



Boston Garden image courtesy of Just-Us-3.

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