Historic Window Guide: An Infographic

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then are windows the eyes of a home? Well, maybe. But to say that windows have a long history is indisputable. Take a look at this infographic from guest contributor Chase Culpan to see what we mean …


I recently did some research and I found that the area of ‘Old House Windows’ is a fascinating area and something that people don’t give as much attention to as they should. As a result, I produced the attached infographic on the subject.

In this infographic you will learn that the importance of windows does not just rest in their overall appearance, but in details such as their construction and materials, their fittings and mechanics, and even the very glass that is the reason for their existence. This info-graphic highlights the evolution of Old House Windows from the pre-sixteenth century to the present day.

Calgary Window  Door Guys - IG - July

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