History of Santa Claus

As many of us are struggling with our last minute Christmas shopping, and with much of that shopping done in the name of one Kris Kringle, many of us are wondering why we’re busting our humps all for the benefit of Jolly Old St. Nick.

Well, to perhaps put this into perspective, we here at BuildDirect figured that a little history was in order. After all, just who is this Santa Claus anyhow? Where did he come from? How has his image and mythical standing in our culture developed over the decades and centuries? And why does his name, and the very idea of Santa Claus resonate so well with the children in our lives – and, ultmately with us too, as former children.

To touch upon some of this, here’s a little pictorial history of Santa Claus – almost 2000 years of history as it turns out – that will hopefully connect you with a deeply felt Christmas tradition. Maybe too, when eating cookies, drinking milk, and engaging yourself in some post-bedtime last minute Christmas wrapping, you’ll learn to love him all over again!

History of Santa

History of Santa brought to you by Build Direct

So, what are your Christmas memories of Santa Claus? Any stories of the magic of Christmas out there that are St. Nick-related? Maybe you had a shattering experience in realizing that Santa Claus was more alive in stories than in real life? Oops. I hope I haven’t ruined anyones Christmas with that last one!

Let me know in the comments section!

And if we don’t see you again before Christmas, have a very Merry one from everyone here at BuildDirect!


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