Hockey Day at BuildDirect! Laminate Flooring Floor Hockey!

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As promised sports fans, we’ve staged our (first annual?) hockey game on our laminate flooring, which has been installed outside on our 19th floor patio in downtown Vancouver BC offices. Being a bunch of Canadian hockey fans this event was pretty much inevitable. You could feel the excitement!

First, we needed to make sure that the rainwater and melted snow was cleared off the surface of the laminate, where it’s been since last week.  And we needed to ensure a couple of other safety considerations, too.  Here’s Marc, and Matt our human Zamboni:

Then, the game commenced with a few rules in place.  Checking wasn’t allowed in our game. Y’know. Because we’re 19 floors up with only a glass barrier between us and certain death and all. And ‘over the glass’ had a special meaning too, so no raiseys.  But, here’s the action, folks:


My favourite part? It’s when one of our guys yells “I’m open! I’m open!”. He’s on a deck with 14 guys plus a cameraman (me!), with three feet between him and everyone else. And he’s open. That is true enthusiasm, folks.  Fantastic.

And it’s true: the goal that Tom scores was in fact the first time he’s ever scored. So, congratulations Tom.

Finally everyone, here’s Co-Founder of BuildDirect Rob Banks with his thoughts on how the game went. Rob?


Thank you, Rob.

And finally, a point of trivia- folks. We filmed this game on the 40th anniversary of the Beatles concert on the roof of their Apple Corps offices in London.


Well, yes.


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