Holiday Decorating On A Budget

Are you looking to decorate your property for the holidays, yet you’re feeling the budgetary pitch? Here’s a few pointers from decorating expert Alyssa Davis on how you may best proceed, festively and inexpensively!


If you love decorating your home and yard for the holidays but simply don’t have much money to spend this year, don’t despair. There are actually plenty of ways you can add a festive look to the outside of your home without breaking your family budget.

At our house, we love finding ways to save money, so it’s a natural to decorate in the most economical way possible. However, just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the holiday spirit. If you’re looking for some great ways to add a holiday touch to the outside of your home while sticking to your budget, here are a few decorating tips to help get you started.

Utilize the Beauty of Nature
If you already have some evergreen trees in your yard, you can simply trim some branches from them to use as holiday decorations. Evergreen boughs are perfect for creating beautiful wreaths, garlands, door sprays, and other festive decorations. If you have a fence around your yard, drape it with an evergreen garland to add a beautiful holiday touch. You can add lights, or simply adorn the greenery with pinecones and other natural materials. A big red bow can add the perfect finishing touch.

Decorate with Giant Gifts
If you really want to grab some attention, create a giant stack of holiday gifts in your front yard. This is one decoration that can be fun to make as a family. All you need are some large cardboard boxes, a few plastic or vinyl tablecloths, some weather-resistant tape, and some wide water-resistant ribbon. Wrap the cardboard boxes individually, using a different color or pattern of tablecloth for each one.

Plastic packing tape or colored duct tape can hold your wrapping securely, even when exposed to the outdoor elements. Then, decorate each cardboard box “gift” by wrapping it with a colorful bow. Stack your giant gifts in a big pile, and you’re done. This is one inexpensive yard decoration that we enjoy making year after year.

Energy Efficient Holiday Lights
If your family is anything like mine, you probably love to decorate your house and yard with sparkling holiday lights. But, it can be quite a shock when your electric bill arrives. In order to save money while still creating a bright holiday display, invest in some of the new LED lights. Although they can cost a bit more when you initially purchase them, they consume a very small amount of electricity. You can decorate your home with more lights than you would have previously dared to, without the fear of receiving a gigantic electric bill after the holidays are over.

Quick and Easy Decorating Touches
If you don’t have a lot of time or money this holiday season, focus on the basics. A simple red bow tied around your mailbox pole or a homemade wreath hung upon your front door might be all you really need. Position some of your indoor decorations so that they are visible from the outside, so that they can do double duty. Your home will still look great, plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are saving money.


Alyssa Davis, is a design specialist and writer at, and she offers many suggestions and unique ideas for designing with sailboats metal wall art and metal kitchen wall art.

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