Holiday Gift Ideas For Gardening Fans: Botanically Inspired

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Keep your favorite gardeners inspired through the long winter nights with botanically themed gift ideas for the holidays.


What gardener doesn’t like to be gifted with clippers, gardening books, seeds, plants, garden journal, rototiller, or load of compost? We love practical gifts! Even though we can’t use them right away, they are very much appreciated.

But what sustains us through the cold, dark months while the garden sleeps? We dream and scheme, and like to have the garden inside to keep hope and inspiration alive. Surround your favorite gardener with beautiful or whimsical botanically inspired gifts to get them through the worst blizzards and on into spring.

For the living room

A large botanical art print makes an impact as a focal point. Groupings of three or more add visual interest to the subject matter.

Make candles with flowers, greens, and herbs you have grown yourself (or not!).

The essential throw pillow can be stylized or realistic. This is a simple and inexpensive DIY project with a pillow form and a yard of upholstery fabric.

This upholstered chair reminds me of a wing chair my mother had covered in a multi-colored floral fabric.

The luscious scent of paper whites in mid-winter will push spring closer! Forcing bulbs is easy to do with a bowl, some decorative rocks, water, bulbs, and a refrigerator.

living room flowers coffee table

For the kitchen

Bring the garden to someone’s kitchen with fresh towels. Vegetable, fruit, and herb themes are appropriate for the kitchen. A set of towels, hot pads, and mitts outfits the whole kitchen!

Inspire someone to bake some Pumpkin Bread in this pumpkin baking pan. Maybe you’ll even get a loaf as a thank you!

Botanical motif tableware can be a beautiful matching set, or a mix-up of similar designs for your eclectic friends. A serving bowl, platter, or soup tureen would get a lot of use, too.

Make a gift basket of fresh and dried fruit, dried herbs and herb vinegar, nuts, herbal tea, and jam. Add some chocolates, and crackers or homemade bread, and display it in a basket or tray that can be used again and again.

For the bathroom

A floral motif mirror would inspire every day.

Towels with a botanical motif are an attractive break from solids and stripes. Consider buying towels and sewing on a floral motif ribbon as trim.

Buy a set with toilet seat cover, rug, towels, and shower curtain, or get separate pieces with the same colors or theme for a one-of-a-kind look.

Decorate your gardener

There are plenty of unique and welcome gifts that decorate your gardener friends instead of the home. How about a cell phone cover?

Have you heard of eco-printing? A friend of mine makes silk scarves with this technique, but it is very simple for anyone to do with plant material right in the yard.

Rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants are made from cast silver to dried flowers and leaves in resin and many techniques in between. Shop at holiday arts and crafts fairs, or if you are feeling adventurous, try making resin jewelry yourself!

dried flowers pendant never give up

Keeping us happy for the next few months

You can make simple botanically themed gifts. Scour second hand stores for vases, bowls, baskets, books, frames, textiles, and trinkets. Get your creative juices on, and put them together.

Arts and crafts fairs are the best places to buy unique gifts. You are also supporting your local economy by shopping locally.

Whether you make or buy, any gift with an image of flowers, trees, leaves, seeds, vegetables, or herbs will surely warm your gardener friends until spring. Remember your non-gardening friends who simply appreciate the natural world, too.

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