Holiday Preparation: Last Minute Holiday Home Decor Fixes

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The holidays demand home decor! In a busy time of the season, here are some decorating shortcuts to consider when festively sprucing up a space.


Getting your home ready for the holidays is a great time to take on those small, last minute updates that ultimately make a huge difference. So, when you find yourself surrounded by wrapping paper, spilled eggnog, and boisterous relatives during the holiday season you’ll be glad you cleaned the windows before your niece put her sticky little hands all over them.

We know just how far those seemingly trivial tasks can go when life is hectic, so we rounded up some of the best last minute tips to spruce up your home for the holiday season.

Update the small stuff

You know those pillows that seem to be oozing out their feathers and plush stuffing? Or perhaps the melted and deformed candle stubs that have lost that charming and worn-out kind of look that used to work so well? It’s time for them to go.

Keep an eye out for tired throw rugs and other decorative items that dull down your home’s festive sparkle and replace them with something new. It’s a great and simple way to perk things up without having to do much at all.

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Refresh the focal points

Decorations aren’t solely out for the month of December. If you’re the person who puts them up early and leaves them up after Christmas is over to extend your holiday season, they can be up for more than two months.

Think for a moment about where you might be decorating the most for the holiday season. Spaces like the fireplace and mantel, certain eye-level shelves, or small side tables here and there are the most likely to accumulate even more stuff, not to mention draw your attention to them. So before you begin decking those halls with beautiful boughs of holly, make the hall beautiful first! A little cleaning, dusting, and general sprucing up will go a long way in making your home the perfect palette for some stand-out holiday décor.

Create a warm entrance

A not-so-secret but sometimes forgotten decorating tip for the holidays is that it’s not so much about what it looks like but how it makes you feel. Chipped paint on the front door and dirty lamp posts never really gave anyone the warm and fuzzies, so tend to your home-front by giving it a little TLC, as it often goes unnoticed and ignored.

A fresh coat of paint will make your front door pop, and a new welcome mat will make your guests feel, well…welcome! Even if nobody notices, at least the postman will enjoy it.

Your holiday decor preparation ideas?

Where are the key areas you’ll focus on this year to prep your space for holiday celebrations?

What’s your favorite part of the process? What’s your least?

What accessories are the most essential to you to get things in the holiday spirit?

Tell us your stories in the comments section of this post!

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