Holiday Wreath Color Emotions Guide: An Infographic

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Holiday wreaths are a common home decor addition inside and out. Here’s an infographic that explores the color effects as they relate to our emotions.


The wreath on the front door, and on interior doors is a holiday season staple. Regardless of your cultural traditions around the holidays, the wreath is always a welcome sight for visitors. A well-placed wreath helps us to communicate the personality of our homes, reflected in turn by the personalities of the people who live there.

Green and red are traditional. But, this is the 21st century!

To celebrate the expanded possibilities of holiday wreaths, here’s an infographic that examines the range of emotions and atmospheres that wreaths can help us create, particularly when it comes to color spectrums and contrasts that go beyond the traditional. Take a look.


The power of color and texture

They say it’s the simple things in life that count. That is certainly true when it comes to color combinations and interesting textures. They are more than the sum of their parts. They have an emotional core to them, or at least powerful associations we project onto them that allow us to completely change the feeling of being in a particular space.

In some ways, with wreaths being important accessories that communicate their own message of welcome,  the right color on the right wreath can give us a vital shortcut to the kinds of emotional undercurrents we’re after when designing and decorating a space. They help us secure the first impression we’re looking for, and without much fuss.

How do we want to feel?

That’s the great thing about a well-placed home decor accessory like a wreath. It gives us a measure of control over setting the emotional scene. This is useful in setting the scene for specific types of activities, whether they’re high energy and social, or more subdued and solitary.

Color and texture help us go beyond the things we do, and help us to communicate the things we are, too. Are we passionate and outgoing? Are we reflective and centered? Are there specific rooms where one aspect of our personality becomes more dominant than in another space? It all depends on how we want to feel while spending time in our spaces and inviting others into them at this time of year.

Fluid and interchangeable home decor

At this time of year, we’re welcoming friends and family into our worlds in celebration of a season. Sometimes all that’s needed to make our time together memorable is the right emotional context. Accessories like wreaths help us to anchor that context.

Whatever we want to communicate using color and texture, accessories like a seasonal wreath help us to make the decision-making process more fluid, and interchangeable. When we want to change things up again as seasons change, it’s pretty easy to do so.

Your ideas?

What color combinations reflect your personality best? What associations do you have with certain colors and contrasts? Do you agree with the emotional connections made in the infographic above?

Tell us your thoughts, stories, experiences in the comments section of this post.


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