Home Comfort, Inside and Out: 8 Relaxing Ideas

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When the days start to get longer, comfort is everything. As the last days of summer stretch into fall, you can create a feeling of relaxation inside your home in just the same way that you do on your garden or deck. Here are some great ideas to create comfort that bridges indoors and out.

1. Create a color scheme for a natural environment indoors

Start with a vision for your space that draws inspiration from the outside world. Research has shown that a natural environment in the home can actually improve your memory performance by as much as 20 percent, which will make your life easier.

Think about what you love about nature the most, and pick décor colors that match an English garden, a seaside sunset, or a mountainscape, and build those colors into your walls, floors, and soft furnishings.

2. Lay the foundation for comfort

You can find warmth and comfort underfoot. Try a soft, nature-inspired rug with patterns of bamboo or floral designs that you can use outdoors and then move inside as soon as the weather grows colder.

3. Connect to the earth

It’s an easy thing to add houseplants to a home, but a more striking way to bring the outdoors in and enhance your home with comfort is to create an installation with smooth stones, shells, and other found objects. Japanese gardens are a good place to find inspiration.  You can develop a zen-like calm in your space by placing unique stones on your coffee table or lining your windows with shells and sea glass.

4. Set a table for friends, family, and nature

Outside, your family dining experience doesn’t have to be the same every day. As we get closer to fall, bring layers to your outdoor dining table in your garden or on your deck. Bring more cushions, and add matching or coordinated throws to every chair so that you can stay out late and snuggle up. Invest in some hurricane lamps or grab some mason jars so that you can put lit candles on every surface.

5. Add texture to your walls

Natural, earthy tones bring an easy comfort to your walls, but you can ramp up the effect with stone. In your bathroom or kitchen, you can try mosaic tiles that are brought to life with real river pebbles, giving you an organic texture anywhere you want to accent your home.

6. Invest in some fresh-cut flowers

Flowers can do more than brighten your home. Experts say that they can improve your mood and bring calm to your world.  If you don’t have a garden from which you can cut a few sprigs, find a local distributor or farmer’s market so that you can buy new flowers every week or two and still save money.

7. Create a miniature outdoor world for inside

Be creative or have your children get involved in building a terrarium with all of the best plants from your garden or local park. Use any glass container or start with a flat ceramic bowl, and fill with sand and air plants or succulents, or use rocks and potting soil as a base with baby ferns, blooming mosses, and found objects. You can even plant a few strawberries to force over the winter months, as long as you keep your terrarium in a warm place.

8. Cocoon your way to comfort

Make a nest with your favorite people. Add some plush ottomans to your living or family room, or bring the outdoors in with a conversation set that you can use anywhere, designed to accommodate the whole family.

There’s nothing like relaxing under the stars on a warm evening after a day outside. But when summer nights turn cool, you can still unwind by bringing the natural outdoors into your home. Make the transition with these easy ideas, and feel a sense of calm infuse your living space.

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