Home Decor for a Winter Wonderland

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Now that the holidays are almost upon us, decorations are absolutely everywhere. You can’t walk into a convenience store, department store or even your doctor’s office without seeing pretty lights and other pertinent decorations on every corner. But winter decor doesn’t have to come out of hiding just for the holidays. With a focus on creating a warm and cozy home, winter decor can be in style long after the holidays have passed by.

Here are a few tips that roll all the holiday goodness, fall delight and winter wonderland into one.

Train an Eye Toward the Cozy Things

Now is the time to acknowledge the winter wind and choose cozy things that warm up the body and spirit. Look for throws in holiday colors that can do double-duty, such as a simple cranberry or purple or pumpkin. Choose throw pillows that you can sink into, and line savory-smelling candles along the mantel.

Adorn your kitchen or dining room table with plaid fabric tablecloths, and don’t forget the use of flannel sheets on the beds. Finally, thick and fuzzy socks, though they might not actually be home decor, are a must.

Create a Crackling Fire

If you have a fireplace, now is the perfect time to fire it up — it makes a home decor focal point while warming up the room and giving you a crackling beauty to enjoy. If you don’t have a fireplace, no problem! There are many options for electric fireplaces and those that use gel fuel canisters.

These fireplaces can look just like the real thing, especially if you opt for a high-end model, and they provide a good amount of heat. You can even choose large models that have a fireplace surround and mantel, making that desolate corner of your home or apartment look much more elegant.

Pay Attention to What’s Underfoot

Cold feet during winter can make you frown at any home decor, no matter how pretty it is. Remedy that problem by choosing floor coverings that suit the temperature outside, such as wool throw rugs in muted colors. These rugs are much kinder to the feet, and you will be thankful for them during the coldest of nights.


They can also be a great comfort if you choose to snuggle on the floor in front of the aforementioned fireplace.

Look to Wintry Colors

The colors of winter are cool and cold, but you can spice up your house with something much warmer. For the easiest transition from the holidays to the wintery bluster that comes in the early months of the year, choose colors that are all about traditional holiday, such as brown and pumpkin, dark yellows and cranberry, and even dark blues and light grays. Accent all of this with a dash of metallic here and there, to mimic the snow outside your windows.

Create More Intimate Lighting

Don’t forget about that wintertime atmosphere! Turn off those tall lamps and instead look to smaller light sources on the end tables, such as a small lamp with a red or yellow shade. This encourages family and friends to gather near the light and each other. Set a metallic tray on the coffee table and top it with candles in a variety of scents and heights — when you light them up, they will fill the room with a warm glow and treat your senses to something special.

Pull all of these elements together now, before the worst of the chill hits. Friends and family will appreciate the warmth of your winter wonderland, and the coziness is sure to give you a season to smile about.


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Shannon Dauphin Lee

Shannon Dauphin Lee is a journalist and occasional novelist with a serious weakness for real estate. When she's not writing, she and her husband are taking road trips to explore covered bridges, little wineries and quaint bed-and-breakfast inns in their beloved Pennsylvania.