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luxury hotel room the maldives

It’s summer, and for many people that means cashing in those vacation days and getting out of town. It’s time to enjoy that quaint bed and breakfast, or the family-friendly hotel, or even camping out in the wilderness. One of the coolest things you can bring home — besides the memories, of course — is a new inspiration for your home decor, imparted by all those hotel rooms, bed and breakfast inns, and other places that make you wish your home looked just like that.

Luxurious ideas

Some hotels are ho-hum, but others — oh, my. Some hotels are luxurious to a point of absurdity, and that’s where you can draw some inspiration for your more down-to-earth digs. The Bulgari Hotel in Milan is one of the world’s best, with each suite filled with teak and oak, massive windows, top-of-the-line modern furniture, marble showers and only the best of amenities.

Need more inspiration? Palazzo Versace in Australia makes use of color, texture, and light to create a beautiful visit. Parquet floors, marble bathrooms, vibrant colors and rich woods all come together to create an opulent look that could inspire you to recreate at home.

Ideas for the small space

Many hotels capitalize on the idea that less is more. Places like Aloft in Philadelphia or The Pod Hotel in Manhattan feature high ceilings, tall windows, clever built-ins, and furniture that does double-duty in order to create a larger atmosphere — though the rooms might be as small as 100 square feet, they seem much bigger. Clean, simple lines prevent the cluttered, claustrophobic feeling of a tight space, and natural light makes a difference, too. The use of simple yet bright colors is also a boon to small spaces.

Unique ideas that save money

Ideas to save money — in Palm Springs? You bet! The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs offers rooms that blend into the landscape, and that is done through the means of surprisingly inexpensive materials. Vintage furniture is always a hit, as it can take a beating and still look great.

Dividers between bedroom sections are created by sheets of thick canvas tacked carefully to the walls. Interest is added to each room by forgoing the usual flat paint and instead using screens, beadboard and other unique materials to create visual appeal.

Other ideas to take home with you

Some hotels are just unique, and you can bring that vibe home to your own decor. The Boscolo Hotel in Nice, France features rooms of every shade of white — from the furniture to the marble to the sunlight streaming through, the white is marred only by small dashes of color that serve to accent the fact that the whole place is…well, white.

The Ventana at Big Sur is nestled into the wilderness, and the rooms reflect that with reclaimed wood, rustic stone, and many windows that capitalize on the views. Hotel Tomo in San Francisco features works of art in every room, as well as inexpensive ideas you can take home — such as a room with headboards made of plywood and mounted directly to the wall.

No place like home

And sometimes, you can go to a hotel to find something that feels exactly like home. Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica is specifically designed to feel like a guest room in someone’s home, with the kind of amenities you won’t find at other hotels — like bookcases in your room filled with great reads or candles in the bathroom. Sometimes even the best hotels in the world serve to show us there really is no place like home!

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