Home Decor Surfaces To Spread Natural Light In Spring

Stainless steel kitchen backsplash (Source: hgtv.com via Diane on Pinterest)

Spring time is a time of warmer weather, sure. But, it’s also a time for longer days, and more natural light for you to enjoy both indoors and out. 

So how does re-thinking, or at least mixing up your home decor surfaces come into play where natural light at this time of year is concerned? Well, guest writer Joanna Renbourne is here to explain how the simplest additions can shed light on the potential of your interior in a bright, new season.


Spring is in full swing, and there is no better way to spruce up your home décor than to update the variety of home decor surfaces that bring new life, and more light, in a new season.

Flat surfaces can make the house appear dull.  But you can inject some life back into the atmosphere on a tight budget, especially when the elements of sunny weather and warmer temperatures come into play during the spring and coming summer seasons. Simple additions of varied surfaces in home decor can help you to spread the light of the spring season into each and every room. It doesn’t have to cost the earth with these top tips.

Reflective surfaces – mirrors

A brilliant fixture which you can use to brighten up the living room, bedroom, hallway, is a beautiful mirror. A mirror in a living room can make the space look bigger and they make wonderful features above a fireplace. Mirrors can vary in size as well as color so you can coordinate them with the rest of the décor. There are a wide range of mirrors to choose from including round and square mirrors, mirrors with lights, and illuminated mirrors.

A mirror can also ornament a bathroom space and can be fitted to the walls with a mirror cabinet, providing a great feature point as well as storage facilities. They are an ideal way to liven up the bathroom as well as store all your essentials, while also helping spread around the extra daylight we’re all seeing now that winter is well behind us!

Designer radiator towel rack (Source: laurens-heizkoerper.de via Evangelia on Pinterest)

High-gloss surfaces – designer radiators

Designer radiators are also a great method to add some style and visual spark where natural light into the home is concerned. High gloss surfaces like designer radiators can transform a décor from drab to chic and they are really diverse so you can fit them into any room size by installing them horizontally or vertically on the walls.

Whereas before a radiator merely had the purpose to heat a room, now designer radiators are becoming much more popular to add visual interest the space. A top tip is to make the color stand out so for example a high-gloss black radiator looks brilliant against a purple or blue background, all the while letting springtime light glint off of its surface when you open up your curtains, or your bi-folding doors into an outdoor living space.

Porcelain, glass, and metal surfaces – fixtures that play against natural light

But the home décor furnishing doesn’t have to stop there! You can fit designer radiators into other living spaces too like the bathroom. A heated towel rail can look really quirky and not only will they warm up, and help to naturally light up the bathroom with metal, reflective surfaces, but they will also keep the towels toasty.

Other fixtures and home decor surfaces which can be bought at a low cost include new bath and sink taps , glass tile backsplashes, and kitchen taps. If the room hasn’t been redecorated in some time a tip to make it more modern is with chrome taps and accessories; or if you prefer the antique finish, opt for brass instead.

Colorful outdoor home decor surfaces

And don’t forget about the home’s exterior. Brighten up the outside of the house with new colourful flowers, dining sets, parasols and garden furniture. A hammock in the backyard will definitely make a style statement when neighbours visit and they are perfect to lie on in the sunshine to soak in the spring daylight, and the upcoming summer rays.


Thanks, Joanna!

Joanna Renbourne wrote this post on behalf of Trueshopping; the expert suppliers of garden furniture and radiators for the home and bathroom.




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