Home Decor Time: 5 Signs You Need to Redecorate

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It’s easy to get complacent about a lot of things in life: our relationships, our job, our diet. After all, when something’s comfortable, it’s difficult to get up and change it–home decor included. But as with everything else in life, there are little signs that tell you that things need to change. Here are some of the signs that say “Redecorate! Now!”

1. You obsessively collect paint chips

Unless you’re a designer, collecting paint chips whenever possible (even when it’s just a trip to the hardware store for some nails) is a sure sign that you’re getting tired of the colors in your home. You will spend hours looking at the chips, setting them next to each other and thinking about the best color combination for this or that room.

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My mom used to keep a “sundry” cupboard where she’s put some linens, her recipes and bins full of office items like pens, post-its and scissors. Whenever she needed to redecorate, she’d accumulate paint chips and stash them all in there, waiting to be taken out whenever she finally gave in to the urge.

2. You spend way too much time on home decor blogs

Now, don’t think that we don’t want you to visit us–we actually enjoy having you here. But maybe having a list of 20 home decor blogs (not counting that pile of library books you just borrowed) that you check daily might be a sign that you need to put some of these ideas into reality.

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A lot of people procrastinate on projects by reading a lot about the topic, thinking they “need to do more research” and “are not ready”. Home decor isn’t rocket science–read up on some of our tips and guides and you can start redecorating tomorrow if you like!

3. Your home decor is the same as when you moved in the first time

Okay, if you moved in a few months ago, that doesn’t count. But if you’ve been living in the same place for five, ten, fifteen years, and you haven’t yet changed any of the color or furniture, maybe it’s time you think about refreshing your decor a little.

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Not only might your colors be out of date, but some of your furniture might need repairs or even replacement. If you can’t afford a new couch, have it re-upholstered; if you can’t buy a new kitchen set, repaint the one you have. Often, all you need is a fresh coat of paint to refresh your space and reinvigorate your decor.

4. Your friends insist on hosting at their place rather than yours

All your friends have had their turn hosting monthly girls’ night, and now it’s your turn. But your friends insist that you should start the roll again, skipping you. Is it because they don’t like you? No, you’re still invited. If your friends want to hang out, but not in your home, it might be because of your home decor.

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Decor that is welcoming and warm makes people comfortable. If  your friends would rather not visit you in your home, maybe your decor lacks coherence or is just too old or (let’s be blunt) ugly. It’s definitely time to redecorate!

5. You spend as little time home as possible

This is kind of like the previous sign, but applied to yourself. If you don’t want to spend much time home and keep finding reasons to stay out longer and to avoid being home for more than a day at a time, maybe you have a home decor problem. After all, your decor should also make you cozy and happy, and if spending more than 30 minutes in any room gets on your nerves, it’s probably because you need to change it.

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Impatience, aggressive behavior and mood swings can have many causes, but some of it may come from a bad color choice (too much red in the bedroom=bad idea). Maybe it’s time to repaint?

Know when it’s time to change

When something in our life needs to change, our conscious mind rarely spells it out. Rather, your unconscious mind forces all kinds of behavior that indicate that something is wrong. But it’s up to you to see the sign and figure out what’s wrong. If you happen to see any of these signs in your thoughts or actions, maybe it’s high time you consider a decor change.

Instead of getting more paint chips or spending another hour on decor blogs, sit down, make a budget and make things happen. This blog has a weekly feature on room remodeling within budget amounts and is full of tips and ideas. The rest is up to you!

Have you ever seen some of these signs? How do you know it’s time to redecorate? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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