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What are the upcoming home decor trends in 2016? Here’s HGTV real estate reality TV Flip Or Flop co-host Christina El Moussa to give us the inside scoop.


christina el moussaIf you could only follow one home improvement trend in the New Year, what should it be? What’s really hot in design right now, and where is that path leading us in 2016? What alluring ideas and innovations should we be watching out for?

Trending: modern industrial flair in home improvements in 2016

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that the integration of industrial modernization in the home isn’t just a craze that’s run its course. Far from it. It’s a winning look in any home, adding that little bit of non-traditional impact that adds freshness and luxury to a design.

Think edgy, contemporary, oblique and surprising interest points. Visualize a perfect balance of clean lines, whites and strategic neutrals paired with industrial focal points that can be incorporated into any room in your home. Here is a breakdown of what is trending in modern home improvements for 2016.


The integration of industrial pieces into the kitchen will take us in a variety of new directions in the new year, pushing the envelope of urban-rustic and bold architectural charm. Hardware and metal fixtures will seem to have been transported from large-scale commercial kitchens straight into your own professional cooking space. The faucets will be industrial and pronounced, and sinks will pull anywhere from rural farmhouses to the stainless factory-ready sinks.

loft industrial kitchen design 3D

Navy and blue palettes might make an appearance to contrast and draw the eye to popping cabinetry. Kitchen lighting will range from pendant metallic to dynamic wrought iron, casting clear light that glistens off the bold grill lines, clean whites, carefully integrated color points, geometric backsplash and strategic steel.

Living room & bedroom

In the living room, expect the boundaries to be pushed to new realms of cool. The overall impression will be high fashion and risk taking. Décor with an attitude. Stained concrete will make a bold statement, and textural interest will create layers and depth with wood planking, raised patterns and metals that make you want to reach out and touch them.

industrial loft space living room

The bedroom will have a similar look, tight-roping between that cozy sanctuary that we all want to tuck into, and cutting-edge design that we will see in both the living room and bedroom. Lighting could go in two extreme directions, from prevailing iron, even steampunk Edison-and-Tesla-inspired focal points, or in the opposite direction to retracted, understated ambient lighting that lets the other industrial elements of the room take hold.

Industrial Bedroom by East Anglia Interior Designers & Decorators Oliver Burns

More large geometric shapes and patterns will pop up throughout the home. These are rooms that will lure you in with their chic and make you want to stay with their comfort and function.


Bathrooms will be hip and urban with eye-catching fixtures that are current, functional and style forward. Gold pieces will pop on door pulls as decisive décor elements. Think open-minded and daring, while still creating a relaxing sanctuary to get away from it all, possibly in a vintage clawfoot tub with a modern faucet.

clawfoot tub


Rough materials make a statement, along with exposed pipes. Lighting will bring in that industrial edge again, and the interest of key fixtures will finish the room to a new level of clean neutrals and whites.

Embrace new levels of style

In the New Year 2016, get ready to embrace the contemporary, the mercantile, the rustic, while raising the bar to new levels of style in your home. Be bold, be creative, dare to be different. Join style-makers everywhere as we push the modern industrial look to new places, and create something unique and fun in the process.

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Christine El Moussa

Christina El Moussa is an experienced real estate investor and the co-star of a popular real estate reality TV show on HGTV along with her husband and business partner Tarek El Moussa. The couple started Success Path Education to teach real estate investment education to students from all over the country. Please visit SuccessPathEducation.com for more details.