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We’ve talked a bit about the advantages of inviting nature and natural imagery into your space on this blog. But, an upcoming trend that takes this idea in a specific direction has been that of animal motifs and animal prints. To talk a bit about this trend is writer and home decor enthusiast Amanda Green


There are many great ways that you can incorporate animal themes in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom and beyond. Get creative and take a walk on the wild side with animal motifs for your home. Redesign your home with animal motifs that show your love of nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures.

Big Cats

Cat prints are a favorite of decorators and are very versatile. From tiger print fabrics and textiles to cheetah spotted prints and leopard art, there are many ideas that involve the use of big cats. Cover your couch in a tiger print throw that brings out the color in your home. Cat prints often feature neutral colors like brown, black and tan, and these match well with the paint in your home.

Brown and tan zebra-striped pillows pair well with brown wicker chairs and matching furniture. Accent with stenciled leaves or tree branches on your living room walls and you will turn your home into a breathtaking masterpiece that likens the thrill of being on the savana.

Rancher Style

For a Texas-ranch style animal motif, go for a chocolate and mahogany color scheme. Accent with a cowhide rug for an authentic Texas feel. Add in distressed wood accents with plaques, end tables and lamps. Think farmhouse with a modern twist.

Decorate your walls with Southwest-style stencil patterns and adorn your walls with a stuffed longhorn head. Mix animal prints with leather for the true ranch house feel.

A Home on Safari

Think heart of Africa for your next home decor project. Adorn your home with elephants, zebras, gazelles and giraffes. Best for wide open and airy spaces. Sprinkle in vintage art to complete the look. A movie poster from Casablanca would fit perfectly in this design scheme.

Palm trees, lakes and waterfalls make elegant additions to this animal motif. Grays, browns, tans and ivories are great colors to use in your African safari themed remodel project.

Designing your animal themed home redecorating project is easy. First, decide on which animals you want to include in your plans. The colors you use will be largely dependent on which animals you choose. For big cats, you will likely use mostly brown and black. For ranch animals like cows and horses, you will focus more on a brown and white color scheme. For African animal themes such as elephants, zebras and gazelles, think gray, white and peach.

Your home remodeling project doesn’t have to break the bank. Shop around at local boutiques and even thrift stores to find unique pieces for your decor. There is always something out there to pull the whole room together and it can usually be found at a great price, all you have to do is look for it!

Where to find animal prints and motifs

When shopping for your home decor materials, get a sample stencil to test it on your wall before purchasing the entire kit. Take accurate measurements to make sure you have enough fabric and paint to proceed in your project.

You can purchase animal accents at home decor retailers that specialize in foreign and exotic accents. Purchase a few select pieces and test them at home before deciding to go full speed into your animal motif decorating project.

When its time to plan your next home decorating project, find the right animal accents and go wild with creativity.


Thanks, Amanda!

Amanda Green is a freelance writer who normally writes on topics of personal finance and business. Her normal posts are on topics like the best credit card offer or how to make smart investments, however, some of Amanda’s interests include home design and how to live in a more eco-friendly way. You can read more finance writing by Amanda at paidtwice.com.



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