Home Decor with Fall Colors

The fall season is a colorful time. The coppery reds, fiery oranges and velvety brown shades of the leaves only hint at the full spectrum of possibilities. When decorating your home, you’ll want to create a scene with unique character and you can achieve that in a variety of ways.

If fall is your favorite season, or if you want to create a seasonal theme in a single room or area in your home, here are a few ideas to spark an autumnal home décor transformation.

Painting for the fall

  • Red is a bold idea for a room, but with the right accents, it can become a fantastic color to bring warmth and energy to a room. From cherry and persimmon to cranberry and subtle copper, there’s plenty of shades to choose from. This can be brilliant improvement for your home not just for the Thanksgiving season later in the year, but for the long term.
  • Or how about a splash of orange? A slightly muted shade can bring a very modern feel to a room while keeping things bright and liveley.
  • Forest green can add a lovely woodlands theme to a room. If accented with other dark fall colors, you can get an outdoorsy kind of style within the comfort of your own home.
  • Dark yellow and gold colors can seem to give depth to furniture and accents. It can also give a kind of nostalgic and homey feel.

If you’d rather embrace a more neutral color, rich browns evoking the forest or an oak-tinted beige could be a better choice. Seasonal colors in this genre ought to evoke the natural feel of wood, stone and clay. These colors can seem to open up a room.

Walls, doors and trimmings may all be crying out for a treatment. Compare different combinations of colors to see what might work for your home — given spacing and light conditions. Color can also be used to divide up a room, so look at how darker and lighter shades might be used in the same space to provide a clearer shift between the kitchen and living room.

Accessorizing with fall colors

Think about adding cinnamon or pumpkin-colored and scented candles to your mantle or bookshelves. Or how about a set of dark brown pillows to contrast with lighter furniture and clay-colored walls?

Texture is part of the feel of color as well. Wood and fabric along with a detailed tapestry or rug can really pull a room together.

Use color to enhance

Consider how a few items and colors match or contrast rather than trying to hit every note. Otherwise, your colorful combination may just end up looking confusing to visitors. Whatever aspect of fall you’re trying to evoke – falling leaves, a forest walk or a harvest celebration – think through how the colors and textures will combine to give you a look your family and visitors will enjoy.

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