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Fall is a lively time of holidays, characterized by family gatherings and sleepy afternoons amid cool breezes and falling leaves. It’s about pumpkin carving, pies cooling on the stovetop, and a hot cup of cocoa in the kitchen.

As you decorate your home to usher in the season, imagine these cozy moments you’ll share with the people around you and let it inspire you.

Red, orange, brown and gold are the colors of fall

When you’re dreaming up decorating ideas for the fall, color is the first thing that springs to mind. Think deep reds, bright orange hues and brown and yellow hints in subtle places. Candles, napkins, placemats and other accents in these fall colors can do much to set the autumn mood.

Leaves, pumpkins and fall flowers

It’s easy to find embroidery and decorated items like bowls and tabletop decorations with a fall motif. An abstract leaf on a centerpiece plate or colorful gourds, apples or pears in a bowl are great additions to any dining room, kitchen or hall. Flowers with orange or yellow hues can provide a welcome complement to the overall theme. These kinds of Thanksgiving and harvest themes can also be highlighted with a hint of greenery.

Pine cones and twigs

You may be able to pick up some great fall accents for a centerpiece bowl in your backyard. Look for pine cones, twigs and other natural items arranged with unbroken fall leaves to give the whole presentation vivid color.

Mantles and bookshelves

Brass, wood, or silver candle holders and colored candles matched with an assortment of moderately-sized pumpkins and bowls can add a festive feel to what might otherwise be a relatively blank canvas. These kinds of decorations don’t have to be expensive to add a bit of elegance to a living room or library.

Doors and windows

You don’t have to wait for the holiday season to put up a wreath in your home. A grapevine wreath provides a dark yet welcoming accent for any entrance. A straw wreath is lighter and allows you to easily add decorations like colored ribbons. Garlands around windows and pantry doors are easy to set up and can be decorated with small corn, artificial gourds and other fall-themed items. You might even consider adding a floral bow to accent the wreath.

Choose your fall decorations for a combined effect

There’s no need to go overboard and turn your house upside down with pumpkins, flowers and twigs. Instead, choose your accents carefully and aim to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that hints at the festive theme.

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