Home Decorating and Remodeling for Couples

In reading, and very much enjoying, JB Bartkowiak’s How to Keep Your Sanity When Remodeling two-part series from last week and the week before, I got to thinking about how DIY remodels, or even home renovation projects for which you’d hire a professional to realize for you, is really a collaborative act. Like JB’s post suggests, most of these types of projects tend to happen in households where people are sharing space, most notably couples of complimentary (contradictory?) genders.

There’s the simple question of couples choosing colors together, for instance. When  a lot of men see “pink”, a lot of women see fuchsia . When men see “green”, women see chartreuse.  When men see “blue”, women see “indigo”.

I had to look  those up! And I spelled fuchsia wrong!

Sometimes, it’s not even a gender thing, but rather a matter of perspective, or natural affinity to express what one is looking for in a remodeled space. Some have a better knack for it than others. Some have a clearer idea of what they want compared to their partner, which can be a source of tension. And there are other elements to this that go beyond arguments about taste, besides.

For instance, budget is a big sticking point for many. Sometimes the visions you’ve got for a space doesn’t jibe with your partner when it comes to spending. Sometimes the details of certain smaller elements to your project go unnoticed until it’s time to add them, adding therefore to your overall cost. Arguing about money is a relationship cliché for a reason!

So, how do you decide which direction to go in when you’re looking to update or stylistically re-direct the kind of space you want to live in?

Well, here’s an article from interior designer and writer Teri Larson on the subject of her insider’s view of interior design for the sexes. Check it out, learn about ways to collaborate on your remodeling project together, and tell me your thoughts.



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