Home Improvement and Portable Bathrooms Rentals: 3 Benefits

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When you’ve got a home improvement job that’s large-scale enough to hire a team of contractors, the best experiences are often down to planning the details. One detail that is often missed is the undeniable Call of Nature while your hired professionals are on site.

With all of their expertise, even they have to answer that call during work hours. Will your bathroom be available to them? And for how long?

If this proves difficult to answer, one option to consider for a large scale, long-term home improvement job where a crew is needed is portable facilities rentals.

To outline three key benefits of this option is Claudette Orzech, CEO of Happy Can portable toilets, and who has over 20 years of experience serving the greater Atlanta area with all their portable restroom needs. 


Whether you’re updating your house’s siding, making much-needed roof repairs or finally installing those bay windows, major home improvement projects can bring added value and beauty to your home.

They can also bring construction workers for days at time.

The presence of construction teams is certainly necessary; after all, their skill and expertise ensure that projects are completed thoroughly, on time and within budget. However, the constant shuffle of workers in and out of your home can add extra stress on your home’s septic system. Toilet flushes and sinks running can cause water bills to escalate quickly. Plus, there’s always the hassle of cleaning up after multiple bathroom guests.

If a portable bathroom is on site, each of these problems is eliminated. In fact, there are three key benefits that home homeowners enjoy when utilizing a portable bathroom during major home improvement projects

1. Saving your septic system

By investing in a portable toilet rental, you can save more than 3 gallons of water per flush. That can amount to upwards of thirty gallons in just one day depending on the number of construction workers and the length of their stay.

2. Keeping your bathroom clean

Let’s face it: the last thing you want to do after a hard day at work is clean your bathroom. But, if several construction workers have been in and out of your home, chances are that you’ll need to wipe up some dirt and mud inside your bathroom. With a portable bathroom, dirty boots stay outside your home’s bathroom.

3. Protecting the environment

Not only does a portable toilet help save your septic system and your bathroom’s sparkle, it also helps conserve water and energy that otherwise might be wasted. Plus, many portable toilet companies offer environmentally friendly deodorizer tablets that help keep your rental unit fresh without the harsh side effects of chemicals.

So, next time you begin that much-anticipated home improvement project, don’t forget to utilize a portable toilet for your construction team. You’ll reap benefits well beyond your newly upgraded home.


Thanks, Claudette!

Happy Can is an Atlanta porta potti rental company that services the greater metro area including Alpharetta, Cummings, Marietta and other surrounding suburbs.

If you’re looking to rent a portable toilet in Georgia for construction projects, festivals, concerts, races or other special events, they invite you to contact them or check out their portable toilet event planning guide.



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