9 Apps For The Technically Savvy Home Improvement Expert

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Looking to get technology on your side for your next home improvement job?  Take a look at these 9 apps to help you do just that.

1. iHandy Carpenter
The iHandy Carpenter app is the ideal tool for any handyman interested in clean lines and professional results. Replacing many of the standard tools that are used for odd jobs that require precision, iHandy Carpenter acts as a basic ruler, a plumb bob to measure the verticality of a wall, a spirit level (aka bubble level) to gauge the horizontal level of a surface and a slew of other calculating carpenter functions.

Although this app replaces some of the more archaic and affordable tools in your collection, it’s a major space saver and, when calibrated correctly, offers precision results for only $1.99.

2. Color Snap
If you’re looking to tackle a custom paint job, the Color Snap app is a useful little tool for picking just the right color for your project. Rather than running back and forth from the paint store and reviewing endless color swatches in the process, Color Snap allows you to take a picture of an object whose color you like and within the app, you can then match it to the closest Sherwin-Williams paint color possible. In the end, Color Snap can save you all kinds of time when selecting your specific shades.

3. Handyman Sidekick
One of the most difficult elements of DIY home improvements is accurately projecting the amount of materials you’ll require to complete a project. That said, the Handyman Sidekick app is a multipurpose number-cruncher that features a slick calculator for projects involving painting, wallpapering, flooring and gardening. By entering a few basic numbers into the app, Handyman Sidekick will be able to tell you exactly how much paint you’ll need to cover your walls or how much tile is needed to tile your kitchen floor, thus minimizing unnecessary overages and waste and saving you money as a result.

4. ID Wood
When it comes to the various varieties of wood that can be used in home improvement projects, the possibilities are endless and any misdiagnosis can cost you. For example, if you’re buying a treatment agent for your wood floor, you’ll want to know what species you’re dealing with to maximize your results and if you’re building furniture, you’ll want to know what variety will best suit your design.

Knowing this, the ID Wood app was designed for just this purpose; it will help you identify the wood species through its full color library of 160 varieties, it gives a description of the wood’s properties and its favored applications, it provides a glossary of lumber terms and conversion tools and it even offers tips and best cutting practices for working with each type of wood.

For just around $3, the ID Wood app will take you to school and teach you everything there is to know about selecting your species and properly working with the woods.

5. DIY Concrete
Similar to the Handyman Sidekick above, DIY Concrete is a handyman’s app that helps you estimate the amount of concrete you’ll need for any given job. With the touch of a few buttons, DIY Concrete allows you to input some basic project dimensions and then provides results for the estimated volume of concrete you’ll need (in cubic meters or 20KG pre-mixed bags) and the expected cost of your supplies. For a couple dollars, this app can help you buy only what you need and save you big.

6. Real Tools
The Real Tools app is much like the iHandy Carpenter; however, it claims to be a bit more robust. Offering 18 tools in total (including the spirit level, plumb bob, ruler, etc), Real Tools goes the extra mile by offering a flashlight function with heightened illumination and a virtual tape measure. In all, the Real Tools app claims to replace about $1,200 worth of tools in your garage and even better, it all fits in your pocket.

7. Gardening Tool Kit
For the handyman of the garden variety, Gardening Tool Kit is a helpful app that can maximize your gardening experience by offering all kinds of information and advice on planting and general care of over 800 varieties of herbs, vegetables and flowers. If you’re new to the gardening arena, this app will make sure you plant the right kind of plants in the right environments and tells you all you’ll need to know when it comes to maintaining your garden and yielding the best results.

8. Home Depot
Of course, you can’t spell “handyman” without Home Depot – one of the world’s largest handyman allies. Knowing this, Home Depot stores have developed an app that puts their store and their expansive inventory at your fingertips. If you’re working on a project and need a particular part or tool to complete the job, the Home Depot app allows you to look it up in their database, price it and buy it (or arrange a pickup).

9. Task This
Last but not least is a project management app that ultimately helps DIY handymen stay on task and complete their jobs in a timely manner. The beauty of the Task This app is that it can sync with task-this.com and together, they team up to provide you with various tools and reminders for staying the course: calendars, check lists, shopping lists, deadlines with automated reminders, etc. By using the Task This app, you’ll be focused every step of the way as it holds your hand until you reach the finish line.

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