Home Improvement Disasters, Screw-Ups and Other DIY Failures

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Home improvement projects are full of trial-and-error attempts – some more successful than others. Not everyone is a certified expert so while many walk away unscathed, some learn a very hard lesson. The list below is a fun video gallery of home improvement disasters, screw-ups and other DIY failures that highlights the less successful handyman attempts.

1. Montage of Mistakes #1
There are a number of video montages featuring various people making a fool of themselves but this one was particularly funny. Give it a peak and watch some of the finest handymen around make some monstrous home improvement mistakes.

2. Double DIY Whammy
When you watch this video, make sure to pay attention to both home improvement experts – they both get what’s coming to them in the end. Though you might think the guy on the right is the fool in this scenario, he’s only a piece of the puzzle.

3. Revenge of the Tree
You would think that people would be more cautious when it comes to cutting down enormous trees near their homes, but really, they’re not. On the contrary, there are countless videos out there of dunces removing trees (without the supervision of an expert) only to find that the tree gets its revenge in the end.

4. Nail Gun Fail
One of the greatest developments in modern home repair is the invention of the nail gun – it makes DIY projects move ten times faster than before. More power grunt grunt grunt. However, with the improvement in technology, comes the increase in risk. This nail gun fail is not for the squeamish.

5. Montage of Mistakes #2
As we mentioned, there are plenty of funny home improvement blooper reels to be seen and this is no exception. Give this one a look; though there are a couple repeats from Montage 1 above, there are also some new DIY disaster gems to be seen.

6. The Berlin Wall
Okay, this wall isn’t made of thick concrete separating democracy from communism but it falls nonetheless. That said, the DIY dunce in this video is pretty lucky that this wall wasn’t all that heavy duty; otherwise, he could have been seriously hurt!

7. Garbage Disposal Gone Wild
This may be a commercial but it’s pretty comical to say the least – a great example of what can happen when you take a garbage disposal for granted. It looks like the company proved its point – the tool was more durable than the teeth of the disposal.

8. The Art of Falling
The video quality here is a bit suspect but it improves toward the end of this construction site fiasco – just in time. As the caption suggests, this builder is paying more attention to the camera than his proximity to danger. FYI, when you’re working on your home improvement project, pose for the camera AFTER your job is done.

9. Montage of Mistakes #3
Third time’s a charm! Here is one more video montage of funny home improvement projects gone awry. Again, there are a couple repeats but plenty of new material to enjoy. Live and learn.

10. Bonus Picture: The Sky is Falling
Rounding out this list of home improvement disasters, screw-ups and other failures is this bonus picture of a home improvement rookie learning a hard lesson – turning one repair project into two.

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