Home Improvement New Year’s Resolutions

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When it comes to home improvement plans, probably only a few of us manage to complete all that we set out to do. We don’t think about sealing up drafty doors and windows at least until the next cold snap comes along.

The roof inspection might have been done, but was there any follow-up? Even the easy ones like replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones got put off. Well, it’s time to get serious.

Fortunately for you, New Year’s Day is behind us. It’s time to make some home improvement New Year’s resolutions. Here are some ideas:

Home Improvement Resolutions: The Easy Stuff

Here are the sort of ideas that won’t require too much out of you but can make you feel good, like resolving to call your Mom more often.

1. Those energy-saving lightbulbs. Really, they’re not that expensive and they’re going to save you on your power bill. They take about ten seconds to put in, too.
2. Get rid of clutter. When you start getting rid of the junk you never use, you might start wondering what was the big deal.
3.  Clean out your gutters. If you missed it this past fall, then there’s no time like the present. Be careful on that ladder, though.

Bigger Stuff

This stuff is good for you, but it’s a little tougher, like resolving to make time for a class or lose five pounds.

1.  Seal drafty windows and cracks with caulking. Weatherstripping sealant is inexpensive and easy to use.
2.  Get your heating system serviced. It could be as simple as removing blockage from debris in vents.
3. Add a coat of paint to a room. You don’t have to do the whole house (or maybe you want to), but this can be a really cost-effective way to spruce up a place.

The Really Big Stuff

Here we have the home improvement resolution equivalents of quitting smoking or signing up for a gym membership (and actually going). It’s a bit more challenging, but again, it’s for your own good.

1. Insulate the attic. If you’ve got an older home, your house could be leaking heat badly in winter.
2.  Clean the chimney and oil-burning appliances. This is something you’ll need professional service for. It’s not really a DIY project.
3. Re-shingle your roof. Definitely not something you want to have done in the middle of winter, maybe.  But remember, you do have all year to carry out your resolutions.

Put together a basic spreadsheet and start adding up the time and budget for these home improvement jobs. Set a realistic schedule and once you’ve resolved to do it, actually get it done.

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