Home Improvement Projects That Are Guaranteed To Attract The Ladies

1. Balcony
If your home has any kind of panoramic view or unique vantage point on the city lights, it must be glorified with a proper balcony. Nothing sets the mood better than a warm summer breeze, a beautiful view of the landscapes below and the stars above. With the smallest amount of tactful decoration, a common balcony can become your own personal Make-Out Point.


2. Wine Cellar
When you were in college, the Kegerator was sure to turn some heads and attract the attention of a few sorority girls; however, the modern man needs to show a bit of sophistication and refinement. With the addition of a humble wine cellar or a stylized wine rack in your home, you can showcase your cultured side and impress the women with your classic elegance – whether it exists or not.


3. Patio
Women are commonly attracted to the “life of the party” and nothing showcases your hosting abilities more than a well-planned patio deck. Equipped with a barbeque grill, an inviting fire pit, a hot tub, natural stone, and a classic awning, your gatherings will assume a legitimacy and notch your name in stone as the best entertainer on the block.


4. Kitchen
A telltale difference between your average bachelor and the domesticated modern man is the make-up of one’s kitchen. With a few small renovations you can turn your average kitchen into a refined haven for the culinary genius. Whether you can cook or not, a classy kitchen will emphasize your domestic side and raise your stock in the eyes of a critical woman.

kitchen luxury home

5. Swimming Pool
It is no secret that celebrities have a certain appeal with the opposite sex and though it probably has much to do with the appearance of power and status, the backyard swimming pool is awfully hard to ignore. Between construction and maintenance it’s certainly a costly addition to a home but a sure-fire ticket to a multitude of phone numbers.


6. Fireplace
Much like a well-placed balcony, an inviting fireplace can also act as a mood-setting key to a woman’s heart. It’s no secret that women tend to run on the colder side; therefore, by offering them a romantic setting and a source of illuminating warmth, you can get closer with ease and snare their attention by showing your softer side in the firelight.


7. Jet Spa Bathtub
Every woman, young and old, loves to be pampered. It may sound cliché but they commonly beam over the notion of drawing a bath, lighting candles, turning on soft music and forgetting about their worldly cares. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of the relaxing jet streams on your own time but you’ll be a lady-magnet when they find that you can offer them a place to forget their worries.


8. Walk in Closet
As a man, you probably have no need for the space of a walk-in closet; however, simply being able to offer a woman the option is a great way to add value and purpose to your existence. Think of the extra space as an investment – it may not be used now but she’ll love you that much more when you can cater to her needs and offer her the comforts she deserves.


9. Carpets and Drapes
Leave it to a bachelor to neglect the carpets and drapes that make a house feel like a home. A simple way to raise your stock and appeal in the eyes of a woman, as a domesticated man, is to showcase your eye for design and attention to detail. You may find that a small splurge for plush carpets and color-coordinated drapery can go along way for your single-status.


10. Gazebo
If you find a lot of unused space in your backyard, you may consider tapping into your romantic side by adding a basic gazebo. Much like the Casanova appeal of the fireplace and balcony, a classic gazebo offers a storybook setting for all of your advances. As the movies have shown, no moonlight escapades have ever gone wrong when a starlit gazebo is in the mix.

Couple dancing.

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