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Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. With the rapid growth of the Internet and quickly advancing technology, many desk jobs are just as easy at home as they are at the office. The biggest obstacle you’ll face at home is battling distractions and maintaining productivity. Use these tricks to get on the right track for long-term success.

Turn your back on distractions

Position your desk so it faces away from the television, the living room, and distracting windows. Remove the temptation to procrastinate. Instead, face an inspiring photo or poster, or an idea board that keeps you focused on your current projects.

Eliminate task juggling

Make sure your workspace is large enough to accommodate all your tasks. You shouldn’t have to close your laptop and put it away just to pull out a reference book or notebook. Allow enough desk space for all your regular activities.

Make sure you have enough USB ports and electrical outlets as well. If you’re having to unplug one USB accessory to use another, you’ll benefit from a USB hub that lets you do it all at once. The simple addition of a power strip can transform the way you use electronics.

Light it up right

Many home office workers communicate via video conferences. Make sure your office is lit appropriately for this activity. Hang curtains over your windows to minimize glare if they’re facing your webcam. Move lamps to the side so you don’t have a light directly behind you. Task lighting may help with reading, sketching, and other detailed tasks, while broad area lighting is better if you’re working on a computer.

Keep comforts professional

It’s easy to go overboard with the convenient comforts available to you in your home office. Sure, you can put a microwave right next to your desk, or work with your laptop on your knees in your favorite easy chair, but you should stop and ask yourself if these improvements will really increase your productivity. Stick with extras you’d feel comfortable using in a professional office, such as a luxury desk chair, mug warmer, or well-placed fan.

Set up privacy barriers

When you work at home, you probably have to share at least some of your workspace with others. Whether you have a desk in the corner of the living room or a designated office, it’s important to let your family know what’s off limits. If you’re working in a family space, use a room divider to give yourself some privacy. In your office, use knob hangers or other signage to let others know when you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed.

Working from home has many benefits, not least of which is the flexibility available to you when you’re designing your home office. Make the most of your  freedom and choose features that will enhance your productivity and streamline your work tasks so you can achieve more at home than you ever dreamed possible.

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How have you set up your home office for maximum efficiency?

What are some common distractions for you that you’ve eliminated?

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