Home Renovation: A World Cup of A Different Kind, Part 1

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soccer ball net goal

A grandiose spectacle replete with drama, tension, excitement and climaxes galore. Sound familiar? No, not Game of Thrones, silly! Of course, we’re talking about the World Cup.

When countries clash on the field of play and footballers… well, footballers [Ed: that’s “soccer players” for those of us who aren’t from Ireland] swan about the place like distressed ballerinas in between scoring goals and reminding the world that, yes, they truly are worth all the adulation.

But we’ve heard enough about the actual World Cup – how about previewing a competition of a different kind? Here at BuildDirect we source products from around the world, so how would they shape up if they were the ones on show? Well, obviously they won’t fall over, roll around and pretend to cry if you accidentally brush up against them, but you know what we mean…

Deck tiles: copacabana on your deck

Our host this time is Brazil, the land of samba, skill and of course, the best World Cup record there is. For our money, the star performer here is the FlexDeck Interlocking Deck Tile. This hardwood decking is perfect for your outdoor space and, let’s face it, few do the outdoors better than the mighty Brazilians.

flex deck ipe

Copacabana “Ipe Champagne”

It’s like everything from the land of Pelé: it looks good, it’s as durable as it gets, and it’s ready to perform from the first minute. We can’t guarantee a Copacabana vibe, but the foundations will be there with FlexDeck.

Verdict: A justified favorite

Cork flooring: step aside, Ronaldo

Perhaps you’re more interested in the Old World? How about a product from Portugal, a country that of course colonized Brazil before anybody knew what decking even was. The Iberian nation has always been a steady performer on the world stage, with a touch of magic sprinkled here and there.

cortico cork flooring

Cortica Lite Collection “Alto Cafe” peeled cork flooring

Now, household names like Eusebio and Ronaldo must shuffle aside to make room for the Evora Cork Flooring Cortica Lite Collection, which will surely garner all the summer’s headlines. This product is tough, dependable and as green as a Brazilian soccer pitch. Its versatility will stand to it in the heat of battle, and its easygoing nature endears it to supporters.

Verdict: A strong contender

Laminate flooring: efficiency in motion

If pure, unadulterated efficiency is the name of the game in your home, then it’s difficult to look beyond the Germans. They say that soccer’s a game of 90 minutes and then the Germans win. Well, the Delray Oak laminate Seaside collection is a winner through and through, and you’ll probably get the job done before the game even ends.

delray oak engineered flooring

Eurafloor Laminate Seaside Series “Delray Oak”

As you’d expect, this flooring is as precisely engineered as a Philipp Lahm set-piece, giving long-lasting enjoyment and the same kind of beauty you’d expect from a Berlin biergarten in June.

Verdict: Will challenge as always

Help is at hand for England!

Ah, England. The land of pork pies, trilby hats, grim weather and, of course, a national team laughably overhyped by the country’s media, who do a great job whipping the nation into paroxysms of excitement before orchestrating a witch-hunt against the inevitable player who misses a crucial penalty kick in the knock-out stages.

But help is at hand! No longer must the English toil under a cloud of mediocrity. With Fix ‘n Grout, England and St George have been catapulted back to winning ways.

fix n grout tub


This product offers adhesive and group properties in one ready mixed pail, and will permanently fix and grout ceramic wall tiles and mosaics to damp areas. Forget the national team, this is a real contender.

Verdict: They’re back!

Your picks?

Where are you looking to raise the game in your home?

Which ones score the best above?

What kinds of products and surfaces are you most interested in these days?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.

And stay tuned for part 2 of this two part series!

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