Home Renovation: A World Cup of a Different Kind, Part 2

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soccer players watercolor

Last time out in the Big Spectacular BuildDirect World Cup Preview Extravaganza, we profiled the leading products from age-old rivals Germany and England, along with Brazil and the country from which they take their beautiful language, Portugal. Now, let’s take a look at two Mediterranean superpowers, Italy and Spain, along with classic continental rivals, the United States and Mexico.

Gauged and calibrated with precision

Italy, the land of catenaccio, the ruins of an empire and jaw-dropping fashion, is always a contender for the greatest soccer crown of them all. Theirs is a sporting tradition built on defensive foundations, and that solidity, as well as classic Italian style, is in full effect for the country’s star performer, the Calacatta Gold polished marble tile.

calaccata gold marble tile

“Calacatta Gold” Italian marble tile.

Like the Azzurri’s back four, each tile is gauged and calibrated to precision, giving you a product that’s as attractive as a glass of Chianti and a wood-fired pizza on a balmy afternoon.

Verdict: A classic that never goes out of style

A sense of purpose

The Spanish national team has undergone a renaissance over the past decade. Long dismissed as talented and lovable losers, the last few years have seen them throw off the shackles and finally fulfill their true potential, winning the last three major competitions (including the 2010 World Cup).

crema marfil Spanish marble living room staircase chandelier

Crema Marfil Classic / 18″x18″x5/8″ / Polished Marble Tile

This sense of purpose can be seen with its featured BuildDirect product, the Crema Marfil Classic marble tile. Like its Italian counterpart, this is a timeless option that would complement all types of home designs. Brushed finish and chiseled edges also lend it some rugged charm.

Verdict: Fulfilling its potential

Making waves

What springs to mind when you think of the United States of America? Is it breathtaking natural beauty? Perhaps it’s the country’s diverse urban centers? Or maybe, just maybe, if you’re of a certain vintage, it’s the flowing red locks of Alexi Lalas while he marshaled the US defence at the 1994 World Cup.

Come on, admit it, we know we’re not alone. The US national team has flattered to deceive for some time, but plenty of experts reckon their day will come sooner rather than later. One product that’s making waves is the Limestone Fossill Stone fire pit, which will keep you warm and toasty when you’re enjoying those long outdoor nights of summer. This is a dependable and authentic option.


Cabot label firepits “Brown Random Stone”.

Verdict: Going the distance

A born winner

The USA’s neighbor to the south, Mexico, is known for its strong soccer tradition, and has even hosted the World Cup twice, in 1970 and 1986. But it hasn’t all been sangria and sombreros for the boys in green: only twice have they made the quarter-finals, having qualified for the tournament 15 times. But with the Durango Vein Cut travertine floor tile, they may have found the true successor to 80s legend Hugo Sanchez.

travertine tile low table radio books

Durango Vein Cut / 12″x12″x3/8″ / Polished Travertine

This product won’t score extravagant overhead kicks, but its natural color and pattern variations, durable qualities and high quality make it a born winner. Sophistication and comfort in one!

Verdict: One to watch

Always looking for your picks

Which of the above scores points with you?

Which ones match projects that you’ve got in mind this summer?

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