Home Renovation Safety: A Guide To “Safety First”

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“Safety First” is a key mantra during home renovations. What are some of the principles that make this practical? Here are some of the broad strokes.


Whether you’re doing a few DIY tricks to your bathroom or hiring a crew and creating a whole new kitchen, home renovations are very exciting. No matter the extent of your remodeling project, safety always has to come first, especially if you have pets or kids. Use this guide to keep your house and your loved ones as safe as possible during renovations.

Separate the work area

The area of your house you’re renovating and the areas that remain living space should be as far from each other as possible. Plan for this before beginning any project by removing all necessary items from the room and covering up everything else.

Hang plastic sheeting or tarp around the work area, and make sure the area is secured and closed off when work is done for the day.

Eliminate or store hazardous materials

Check your home for things like mold and lead paint before beginning a renovation project. During renovation, communicate with your contractor and your workers, or take steps yourself to always cover and store things like paint and lacquer when not in use.

Dust and debris isn’t the only thing that can get in the air; things like paint can emit chemicals while they’re wet.

See to your pets’ needs

Not only is having a frightened pet running through a renovation hazardous to the workers, but renovations are also dangerous for your pet. Just like you don’t want to be exposed to drywall dust or paint fumes, you want to keep your pet well out of the way, too.

Create a safe room for your pet on the opposite side of the house. Pick as many pet-safe products as you can. Don’t forget to play extra with your pet during remodeling to keep your furry friend’s stress low.

Keep watch over children

Before you renovate, sit down with your children and establish a set of rules to keep them out of the way of the renovation. Also warn anyone who will be in your house how many kids will be around.

Don’t ever leave your kids alone in the house while renovations are going on. On big construction days or days in which the crew will have to use hazardous materials, take the kids to the park or the zoo.

Maintain a tidy workspace

Whether you’re DIY-ing it or you’re hiring someone, a tidy workspace is key to renovation safety. Tools and materials should be packed away and stored whenever renovations aren’t happening. Even during the day while work is going on, make sure any tools or materials not in use are safely within the renovation space and out of everyone’s way. Similarly, take care of dust, debris, and old material as soon as possible to keep it from cluttering and dirtying the space.

Remember that communication is important during renovations. You want to know in advance when workers will be using hazardous material or using big power tools so you can make other plans if you need to. Stay on top of safety and spend your time looking forward to your improved spaces.


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